2 Guys, 4Hands = Total Heaven

Treat & pamper yourself to a relaxing, theraputic & highly sensual massage by a young sexy couple.

Our massages are a mixture of traditional massage techniques such as shiatsu, deep tissue, reflexology, with a combination of tantric methods and incorporating a tantalizing prostate massage that will leave in total extacy.

Our massage sessions can be set up in ither a 1 hr session or a 1 1/2 hr session.  It is all what you as the client chooses.

We provide soft music, candels, pillows & fresh linens.  Aromatherapy can be provided at the clients request at no extra charge.  We basically create a warm stressfree enviorment that will help ease your way to utter tanqulity.

We know that almost every one has hectict schedules & they have no idea where their day may take them, that is why we give our clients the option of setting up a "In-call or Out-call" session For an In-call session we are conviently located on
W 49th St near Time Square area. 

Most massage therapist in New York City charge anywhere from $150.00 to $250.00 for an hour & taken up your time with preperation.   We offer our massage services & all the extras listed above  at a rate of $150.00 during our off-peak hours & $175.00 during our peak hours & we give you a full 1 hr or 1 1/2 hr massage.  When it is an out call session we arrive 15-20 min prior to your session so we can set up & no time is taken away from your session, so you get your full session that you requested.  

Most clients bare all.  However, if you feel more comfortable wearing a pair of shorts than we have no problem with that.  Comfort is the main thing for you to enjoy your experience.  If a client chooses to wear clothing we just encourage for it to be as loose as possible & not to constricting, remember comfort is the key.  As for us we wear string bikini briefs & see through mesh tanks.  We are not escorts but, if a client desires for to be nude & if we feel comfortable than we can accommdate thier request for an additional fee.

Our Massage services are said to be "Amazing & Unique" & the reason for that is because we give our clients the freedom to customize their 1 hr or 1 1/2 hr sensual massage sesion  to their hearts desire.  The way they do that is buy selecting any of our
"ADD ON" items that can be located on our "Rates & Massage Packages" page.  Our clients love this because it makes thier session with us special & one of a kind.  We also make easy for those clients who can't decide what they want to experience & can select one of our "Massage Packages" that include all of what we offer @ at package rate.  

Think of our services as a menu, take your time, see what snags your eye & makes your mouth water.  We cater to all types of gentlemen from the shy & curious conservative type to the highly out going & experienced type.

Our main thing is what makes you the client & us the massuers most comfortable.  Comunication is the key for both parties & that is why we encourage our clients to feel free to ask questions and we will doo our very best to get them answered. 

To set up a session you may contact us via
E-mail at [email protected] or you may contact us at 212-586-8132.  You may also use our "Book a Massage or Book a Massage Package" request forms at the top of the page.

Our services are strictly lower Manhattan & no further than 110th St.

Our hours of operation are Monday thru Sunday 12 pm to 11 pm.

We hope you have enjoyed what you have read.

We hope to hear from you soon.   

Nicholas & Kyle
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