The 411
Name: BRATTY NATTY-(Natalie)
May 1st
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Curly, Frizzy, Brown, FUNKY DOODLE
Fave Colours:
Red, Yellow, Blue
Fave Music:
Fave Show:
Family Guy, The Weekenders, The Simpsons, South Park, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
Fave Thing To Do:
Well, if you know me, then it's AcTiNg, SiNgInG, Listening to SHOWTUNES, Bein myself, Dancing (gotta learn how to do the sideways moonwalk. lol Trev.) MJ ALL DA WAY!...Being Wyld. XD. I also Luuuve being at the OLT...(My Second Home). I'll miss you guys! Hope to see you all again next year. Bye Mike. I dunno about anyone else, but I know I'll miss you. :'(
Boo Stats:
Swingin' Single BABY!
Physical attraction is great, but what were to happen if we weren't confined to a body? How would attraction work? Would we be less superficial? Would we actually get to know someone before jumping to conclusions? Eye colour, height, hair, skin colour or even gender wouldn't matter. Get to know someone before you judge them. Think about it.

-Natalie (wrote this while listening to the Rent soundtrack, and was inspired.)
Hey Everyone! Just would like to give a shoutout to tha onez that mean tha most! If I missed u, e-mail meee;)
Jessica, Davey, Ying Ying, Taryn, Laurieee, Kristinei, Sheldon, Shaaak, Brad-A-Wee, BEENY, MONNY, Trev, And Nur(Omar).
You guys rock, you've been the bestest friends to me. Thanx, I WUV U. lolz.
YO! I Also wanna say Hi to:
Toria, Nicole, Chantal, Monique, Julia Butcher, Ashleigh Shier, Erica Crandall, Viv Stock, The Other Stockers, Caitlin, Gen, Ashcrack, Jo, Zoe and SKYE. U guals ROCK.
Paigy T, Corey, Steff, Sam, Michelle, Peter (MY MAN), Savannah, Nicole, Sarah Booth, Sarah Korby, Kurtis, Tyler, Shannon, Lindsay, Mikey, Shirly, Monica, and everyone else that was part of the OLT CREW. HOLLA BACK! HAHA.
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