Usual hours of work - 8am - 6pm
Fees are inclusive of snacks, lunches, entrance fees and all resources but not formula milk, nappies, wetwipes and nappy sacks.

Children 0 - school age                               3.50
(min 6 hours a day) 
(Fees still payable if child attends pre-school)

School age children                                    3.50
(min 2 hours a day)
(Fees still payable on inset days)

Overtime Rate (per 15 mins)                      1.50            

Weekends  (by arrangement)                     Double fee

Sickness (childminder)                               No fee

Sickness (child/parent)                              Full fee

Childminder's holiday                                 No fee

Parent's holiday                                         Full fee

Parent's occasional days off                      Full fee


Bank Holidays                                            No fee

Bank Holidays (if worked)                         Double time

Late Payment fee                                       5 per day

Deposit to secure a placement in               One week's
the near future                                          fee

Evening meals (if staying 'til 6pm)             2.00
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