we rock. right?

Oct 10th 2003 update by Jesse
can you say "triumphant return"?
if thats what you're saying right now....you've been listening to me too much. "yeah dude, we broke up". what i mean to say is "uuuuhhhhhh, ok. i'll make show"
but anyway, i'm gettin psyked. goin to see Smash TV tonight at Uncommon Grounds. i think so at least. i know Jerry will be there, and where jerry goes, sTV goes.
make sure to bring your friends. it'll be a blast. *in ref. to both shows*

Oct 6th 2003 update by Jesse
hey guess what?!
we have a show. you gotta check it out. it rocks hardcore. go to the shows page. NOW!!! yeah buddy. with a band from NC. trading shows is fun.

Aug 26th 2003 update by Jesse
fixed the shows page.
all the details on that richmond show are in. a PA is being arranged *note to the people who couldn't hear nik/mg's beautiful werds at the last shows*. people ask "where is this place?". nik said its kinda near Plan 9 a ways down cary st. and that from his VCU dorm, he walked a few miles one day to get there. as for directions... i've always put my faith in mapquest. so be prepared for our SPECIAL 2003 WORLD TOUR. theres only ONE SHOW LEFT!

Aug 24th 2003 update by Jesse
show's changed
those directions, take a left at wolftap instead of a right. but the left is called Amory. i think. so jason says to me about this place... "go towards Grafton High, and next to Amory Funeral home is a 2 story building w/o a driveway. park in the grass." and its at 2. and its cool. you should come if you read this in time.

Aug 20th 2003 update by Jesse
yeaaaaaah buddy.
so apparently, the party sunday isn't very private. so ANYONE can come! its at Jason Jaxon's house, 304 Old Seaford Rd.
granted your coming south of seaford area, now what you want to do is, go down route 17N until you get to the post office/bingo on the right. Take a right onto Wolftrap. follow that a whiles, until you get to a stop light. take a right, then another immediate right onto Seaford Rd. that'll go another whiles. when you see Raymond & Cove Rd. the next street on your right is Old Seaford. then... i dunno. they'll be a hella lot of cars and a hella lot of noise.
yeah, we're playing in RVA, so any fans in that area, if you know where chopstix is... gimme directions.

Aug 18th 2003 update by Jesse
many people have been asking...
whats happening to Nicky Fuerte without nicky?
unfortunately nik has left to persue theatre/direction type stuff at VCU. good luck BRAAAHHHHH. All this means is practices will be harder to scheduel. he's coming down friday to play at that church on Dare Rd. so DON'T miss your *maybe* last chance to see NF! (just come watch anyway)
there is the possibilty we may start playing in Richmond more with the new locale? i dunno.

Aug 16th 2003 update by Jesse
it gone good.
ahhh... the show. it went quite well. we got there, unloaded our stuff, watched Show & Tell. then allison asked if we'd play 2nd instead of last, cuz the other band's drummer wasn't there *shrugs*. we kicked assed. a cymbal of mine went from a hairline crack, to torn open. then we talked to doug about a possible Richmond show on the 30th *keep checking*. talked to allison about playing again. and all was well for the night.
see ya!

Aug 13th 2003 update by Jesse
firstly, if you haven't heard, our show at the Nanci Raygun thursday *dubbed our "Richmond" show*...was cancelled. possible reschedualing... imminent. our fans... crushed.
But all is well! we play the following day friday still at Uncommon Grounds coffehouse. i sure do hope we play the next friday at that Dare Rd church. not to put pressure on nick, its our last show EVER.

Aug 9th 2003 update by Jesse
doug from Karaoke Night* -
"hey, I just got a call from the nanci raygun tonight, due to some big tour or something coming through next week they cancelled most everything that was going on... including our show. I'm working with them to reschedule it, but its looking like it might be in september... september 17th was a date they said MIGHT be a reschedule date, but I'll keep you guys informed... I'm sorry about this, but I guess they gotta do what they gotta do"

there you go.
*shrugs* thats all i can say.

Aug 2nd 2003 update by Jesse
how did the show go?
a few complications with booking, but when all was said and done, Smash TV played... and they OWNED. they stole the show, we had to follow them up. theres no recovering from that. but we played, and our friends enjoyed us. so that makes a succesful show.

Aug 1st 2003 update by Jesse
jason is sneaky.
i put up a link to the CEERIUS site. NF is listed on there. Maybe they'll fix the link thats 4 monthes old.

"I had never heard Nicky Fuerte before and I dug their laid-back, light-hearted style" ~ Chris *No Charge*

july 28th 2003 update by Jesse
the deal with friday is...
the carcinogens dropped *i was SO looking foreward to it* and Smash TV picked up the spot. so COME! support your favorite static-lullaby-type-band

july 24th 2003 update by Jesse
i need to clean my phone
her name is allison *just like the costello/pixies songs*. she books bands at Uncommon Grounds Coffee House. she has this to say about us.

come to the "No cover,well...except for Radio, Friday" *Nix idea*

july 22nd 2003 update by Jesse
real quick
i got all the jumbles werked outa that wmbg show.
the show this friday is now at 6:30


this font is SOOO red.

july 21st 2003 update by Jesse
modest mouse tonight.
so we had that SHOW saturday. Smash TV played most excellent...ly. and we rocked just like i kept saying we would. Jason Jaxon of sTV says "nicks' stage presence has gotten much better..he's like an animal or something" *ENTER MY KINGDOM!*
Ya know Amber from My Aim Is True? well, she wrote a review for our CD. its short and sweet. read it.

see you at the show friday.
... unless you're going to see Spy Kids-3D.
we understand.
july 18th 2003 update by Jesse
directions to fantasy
its a block North of Main Street on Jefferson Ave.

july 16th 2003 update by Jesse
so scott says to me..
"wanna play a show on the 25th?"
all i know at this point, is its @ a church... on Dare Rd...(how many can you think of? i got 4) w/ No Charge and a few others... i'll post the rest in the shows. soon.

and we may not play at that coffee shop on the 1st, i'll hafta make a few calls and find out.
*moral of the story... don't trust punks*

july 14th 2003 update by Jesse
MG says...
i have a feeling at the next show we're gonna have to put peoples names down for cd orders becuz we'll run out of them so fast
he's so god damn right.
nik got creative and made this piece here. i just think its more of an ego boost for me, compared to the Zach McCoy "cutting and pasting my face" archives.

don't forget to come to Fantasy this saturday.
"and we'll be rocking"

july 5th 2003 update by Jesse
stuff's happening
so we have a show at fantasy. thats pretty damn cool since i just heard their commercial, and we're on their website.
we're doin pretty good as far as everything else goes. i hope we can get together to write more songs. i hope nick has a few ideas to go with.

june 30th 2003 update by Jesse
my plan for today.
update the shows section. alota things have been coming our way. i think its the esposure from the CD's. man, these puppies go fast... i'm gonna be making another 50 every 2 weeks. once everyone in hampton roads has one... then we can take a break.
i'm going to ticket master today, gettin the tix for Hot Hot Heat *debut appereance in the area*. i'm also getting tix for VIOLENT FEMMES(july 11th, boathouse). maybe modest mouse too... nah. i'm still expecting to win those.
SO, i was on the Atkins Lane website, and we're on the links! AND they played "Where is my mind" at kentapalooza. all about the love. all about the rock.
did i tell you about that gold guitar? it sounds/looks VERY pretty. it also loves to feedback on the distortion channel though .... so THATS why At The Drive In always use them...

june 26th 2003 update by Jesse
things to say...
1.)MG made his band history. i didn't even know jason added his. guess amber put that in some time ago *or not so long ago*.
2.)we have practice today. and making a guest appearance IS.... the band. whens the last time we've practiced as a whole?
3.) i bought a guitar last night. its gold. its inexpensive. its hardware has been acted upon by years of sweat. its a fix-er-up-puuuurrr.
4.)we have a show at Uncommon Grounds again on july 11th, but jason was planning on driving to Maryland to see 2 skinnee J's... so i'm trying to get it changed to the.... 12th?
5.)fun fun.
6.)kinda fun...
11.)i hafta be in court in, 4 hours. i'll get a few hours of sleep first.

june 23 2003 update by Jesse
so i was lookin at MG's deadjournal and found out he made MP3's from our LP. So if for some reason you don't have "Compassionate Fascism Werks", you can go here. There are also MP3's for MG's other band Smash TV who we will be playing with in August. i played drums with some of the guitarists in that band; i assure you that they can tear it up.

june 20th 2003 update by Jesse
the show at the Raygun is now august 14th.
we ran out of CDs (50)... so i'm gonna make some more.
thats it

june 18th 2003update by Jesse
i had to promise amber i wouldn't mess with the site too much. but still updating it(i swear there's something wrong with that AIM link above). but news around the fuerte camp is a bit slow.
i'm gonna start making press packages to send out to places. i hope we get to play at Uncommon Grounds coffee shop again. such a cool place. and i got a Philly Cheese steak at the Subway Station across the street *belly grumbles*. i want another. oh well.
see ya

june 14 2003update by Amber
so yeah, apparently the show went really well. Wendys is the devil.
anywho, the fuerte already have another show booked. the nanci raygun | monday august 4th, early show(around 5 pm) | richmond, va | $5 ... directions. im off to slave away on a "merch", "shows", and "history" page. tee-hee

june 09 2003update by Amber
its' FREE... its FRIDAY... featuring NIcky Fuerte, the CARCINOGENS, the FILTH, heading west.. at the old movie theater in wmbg across from Williamsburg Community Hospital.. to get there from interstate heading West (as i'd imagine anyone going to the fuerte site would be getting there from), get off at exit 242 A, heading West on 199 then after about 7 miles, bear right onto Monticello (321)... then take a right at the fork heading east. pass the court house, a mile of woods, then you'll get to another light and it will be on your left with a big movie theater sign saying LIVE MUSIC "and we'll be rocking " says jesse... The fuerte will also have their CDs by then too.

May 12 2003update by Amber
So... yeah... im working on it again. i put up the index page... and now im working on(slaving away over a hot computer) the filling pages. ill make minor updates and whatnot.. but im just trying to get the important things up.

May 12 2003update by Amber
first draft for this site... for the second time. since SOMEONE decided to be lame and delete the first SEXY one i made. im cool as shit. cant figure out how to put the link text things here... i mean..i KNOW how.. i just dont know how to put them up to make them look nice... and stuff.

i wanna do it. 1
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