we rock. right?


err... this is kind of unnecessarily long for a garage band.

Nik and I hung out at his house and just messed around on his acoustic coming up with things. I brought my acoustic to school one day to audition as Conrad�s Guitar Man in Bye Bye Birdie. I took it out during lunch and we began playing, drawing a few of our friends to take a listen. They really seemed to enjoy the few songs we were messing around with. We even raised enough change to buy slushies!(highlight of band career). Around this time nik recorded about 7-9 songs onto a tape. I copied it and liked a majority of the songs on that tape; Monkezamcool, Drinky Sleepy Man, Yarringtown, Nicky Fuerte, The Candy Song, A�s. So I managed to convince robert beggs to lemme borrow a mixer he had, which still to this day is hooked up through my Aiwa stereo in my attic. (Everything in my attic started out this cheap). Now we had a practice area. I�m sure his mom got tired of our acoustic jams in the den. We had been playing with more electrical equipment now (electric guitar, bass, a makeshift PA), and were always talking about started a band backstage during the musical. SOOOO... Nik [Harvey Johnson] and I [Adult Chorus Member] invited fellow Adult Chorus Member, Bobby McMahon to play drums for us. We all met on April 5th in my r.a.g. (Room Above Garage; i.e. 109 degrees in the summer, 40 in the winter) and had a great jam session. We played and recorded the infamous johnson juice, an ode to greg johnson, in 2 takes. We had one more session with bobby before realizing he has a full schedule + he�s a senoir and already had plans for the summer = he left on good terms. A few weeks later nik, jason ward(ex. Vertigo, *Ambers Note:most amazing guitar player ever*) and I went to see backside slappy, satellites and a few other bands at Gloucester Point Beach (cold and wet; i got a backside slappy cd free from JB frisbee style). It was there we decided to all be in a band. I would buy a drum set with 0 experience, and I think I got it cuz jason said he wasn�t too bad. I was hoping to basically give it to him so I could keep playing guitar/bass. But none the less, we decided to play together. Nik wrote, directed, produced his 10-minute play for his Drama III-IV class which me and Matt Geary were both in. Being in the middle of may, MG was setting up a show for his bands Clockin� Neemin and Subject Lost to play at Gloucester Point Beach on June 15th (end of school show). He gladly agreed to letting us play at his show. wait. We don�t have a drummer. Without having a job, or any means of income, I played my acoustic outside 7-11 for change and sold demo tapes (Johnson Juice, Monkezamcool, In The Butt, *faeries*(jam with me and zach), freestyle). Eventually raising $75, and in the process found a guy selling a drum set for $75. Drums aquired on June 4th We practiced as a full band 3 times before playing on the 15th. That was also one of the most fun shows too; everyone in the audience was diggin the music, we got a mosh pit during the United States of Whateva, and MG�s parents cooked free hotdogs and hambugers. Spencer and Scroi were there, enjoying the Sifl & Olly and Pixies covers. Shortly after the show, Spencer (ex. Vertigo as well) said he�d help with the bass. The recording I have of that practice is an abomination. We had to take a hiatus in July for *cough* circumstances out of our power. After returning, nik brought The Someways to practice, which I believe was the best song we had at that point; or a direction that I�d like to see us go in. August gave us brand name cymbals (for drums), another slot for a bassist (spencer went to JMU on the 15th) a live recording of a practice turned into a real demo tape (all the songs have vox (vocals), rhythm and lead guitar, and drums) a very very fun show at Gloucester Point beach courtesy of MG (the rain made it 10x more fun) and t-shirts!!!(iron on transfers). I guess MG couldn�t stand seeing us go without a bassist and longer. He insisted he play with us, and all of us being friends with him had no problem. He played with us the week after the rainy Gloucester show, at Edgehill, with only one practice. Did quite well. We slacked off for quite a bit after this. We couldn�t get any shows and we practiced every few weeks.Then on Novermber 1st in Matt Bass�s backyard (one light, very cold, 80w PA) we rocked with a bunch of Oi/ Chaos kids and witnessed the first great performance from the Carcinogens. I dove through my 3 day old Tama Swingstar. Totally worth it. After this jason quit. we started re-working songs and writing new ones; I started taking drum lessons. We also agreed to record a demo cd at wintersound, which layter turned into recording on my computer. I'm still wrestling with the program, but I could turn something out halfway decent (wtf is mastering anyway?). That project is 4 monthes overdue. We never get together for practice, much less recording. At least we got to play at shadrachs with atkins lane.
*Jason, Jesse, Nick and Mat have since gotten back together and everything turns out peachy. New shows and a demo CD are out.*
Hey, you know nicky fuerte?
Yeah man. They say he blocks bullets


Desribe NF in 100 words exactly.
Nik and I began it. Nik jason and I made it sociable. Matt is really nice and believes in us...so he joins. Jason leaves because he thought I hated everything he did. I hated alot of things he did like come hours late to band practice. ok... i thought the stuff he was coming up with didn't sound like us. The songs get weirder. The bands we wish we could be are... Toadies, Pixies, Elvis Costello and OutKast. NF would fail without fans (the kind that blow air), kerosene heater, and Hi-C... and the fans (people in audience) too.
-written by jesse(4/03)


Desribe NF in 100 words exactly.
nick and jesse started jammin on some songs then nick asked me to play guitar. jesse wanted to play guitar so he was mad when nick wanted me to play. jammed with spencer, then MG. MG is one very cool guy. I quit, they do good, i ask to come back, i come back, we take over the world!
-written by Jason (6/03)

i wrote a 100 word essay on our band.....
nick is a genius. jesse realizes. jason realizes. i realize. we create music. people dont get it. we create better music. i add keyboard. nick is still a genius. people get it. we play shows. we drink hi-c. we gain support of people. jesse toppled over his drumset one time. that was cool. Jason leaves. we start to record. return of Jason. we release the cd. we play more shows. we sell cds. i play with my backpack on. nick is still a genius. we book some more shows. jessica supplies slurpees. our style will totally rock your favourite grandma.
-written by MG (6/03) 1

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