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last updated: feb 2, 2002

Venezuela vs. Cameroon

Pregame 1
Pregame 2
Pregame 3
The Game 1
The Game 2
The Game 3
The Game 4
The Game 5
Aftermath 1
Aftermath 2
Aftermath 3


Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos

AFS Christmas Dinner

A Group

The Trip Here

The Intrepid AOL CD 1
The Intrepid AOL CD 2
The Intrepid AOL CD 3
view from the hotel in Caracas
friends in caracas
Caracas airport

The First days

Iglesia de San Juan Bautista
Quinta Avenida
Septima Avenida


TRT friends
Juan Carlos and Estefania
Before Marieke's B-day Party
During Marieke's B-day Party

The Climb

Mountain Boy
The View 1
The View 2
People at the mountain
People at the Mountain
Suzanne and Jon Carlos

Romer's Pics -feb 2-

The Hostal
In The Hostal
San Jose de Bolivar
German Chicks
Group Photo
The Laguna
On the Mountain
The Mountain
Peoples on The Mountain

Marieke's Pics -feb 6-

Marieke's Birthday Party
Marieke and family
Marieke's Birthday Party
Gesa and Marieke at Venezuela vs Cameroon
Marieke, the Flower Girl
Karelly, Marieke, and friend
Karelly, Marieke

Coup Pics -may 3-


Falcon -june 2-

Our hotel in Adicora
Our hotel in Adicora
Cerro Santa Ana,
Camino de los Espaņoles, colonial spanish path
A church in Coro, Venezuela's first capital
A tower...
At the northernmost point of Venezuela
A Fishing Boat repair shop
A Fishing Boat repair shop
A Fishing Boat repair shop
A Fishing Boat repair shop
Medanos de Coro, the Coro sand dunes
Fisherman in the Paraguana peninsula
Salt Lake with bacteria, bright pink color
me in front of the Salinas (salt lake)
Salt flats
Javier and Juan Carlos in Pueblo Nuevo

Bolivar -june 2-

In the Ciudad de Bolivar airport, destination Salto Angel
Boats in the Canaima Laguna
Kike and me
Juan Carlos and me
Kike, Juan Carlos, Carlos, Me
Waterfalls in the Laguna de Canaima
Laguna de Canaima
Laguna de Canaima
Laguna de Canaima
Me at the Laguna de Canaima
Waterfalls in the Laguna de Canaima
Juan Carlos Poses
Waterfalls in the Laguna de Canaima
Kike and Monchi
Monchi and me
The same

The host brothers in Puerto Ordaz
Kike in Parque la Llovizna
Kike and me
Juan Carlos, Carlos, and me
The same outside of an ecology museum
Me in the museum, in front of a tunnel
Puente Angostura, over the Orinoco river

Barinas -june 2-

Me filming at Juan's girlfriend's farm
The same
Juan filming
Juan and Jorge (a friend)
Juan on horseback
me on horseback
Me doing my Simon Bolivar impersonation
Bird nests in the trees...
Native carvings, Luis (Juan's girlfriend's brother), and me
Carvings and me

Zulia -june 2-

The mainland dock
Getting ready to go to San Carlos
On a boat to San Carlos
Me on the boat
Castillo San Carlos, spanish colonial fort
The guys, in the Castillo
The same
The guys, we've got our skulls
The same
The streets of sand
Juan Carlos on a local taxi

Oil gadget in Maracaibo

Trujillo -june 2-

Me and the countryside of Trujillo
La Virgen de la Paz
Juan Carlos and Javier at La Virgen de la Paz
Me at La Virgen de la Paz

Merida -june 2-

Juan and Javier pretending they rode their bikes to the summit
Juan and I doing the same
All at once now
Them again
Me at Pico Aguila
The same
the same
A monument to poetry on Pico Aguila. Juan, some girl, and me
Javier, me, and dead poets

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