OMG! it was soo much fun! the first weekend in december, i went with my mom to work on the float 4 my dad's work! and we had a drawing 4 tickets to the parade. i drew my ticket out and i won 4 tix to the parade. at first, i didn't want to go, because i didn't want to get up early and sit in the freezzin cold. then the day after christmas, my mom heard on KIIS fm that o-town was gonna be @ the rose parade! i was like, " i'm goin now!" newho, soo i decided to go. the night before, i made a sign that took me 45 min. to make! it said, "i love you Ashley, Erik-Michael, and Trevor <3 Angel". at the parade, i was waitin for o-town to come! i looked down where the floats were commin 4rm (we were @ the beginnin of the route). i saw a guy that looked like trevor,but i thought, "nah, that's not him." then i saw ashley! i flew out of seat soo fast! i first showed my sign to the channel 2 camera (we were right below it), and then to o-town! ash saw it, pointed @ it while tellin trevor, waved @ me and he gave me the "i love you sign!" trevor also waved @ me. erik just sat there. maybe he was tired. jacob and dan waved @ me too! after they had passed, i finally sat down. i was shakin sooo bad that i was almost cryin!" my mom expected me to be calm (yeah right!). it was the best day EVER and i'll NEVER 4get it!
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