Well, let's see here. it was march 14th, 2001. it was a school day and i was sooo excited! in fact, i was sooo excited, that i didn't eat or drink anything @ all that day (well, except for a water bottle). i wasn't feeling good when i got picked up from school, so i threw on my clothes that i was wearing to the concert and my mom did my hair. then i went into my mom's room to lie down and watch a movie, until it was time to go to my buds house to go to the concert. as soon as i got there, i threw myself on his bed and i watched a movie until it was time to go. then we piled into his uncle's van, and he drove us to the staples center where the concert was being held. my tummy by then was feeling much better. once we got there, there was already a line of screaming girls and women wating to get in! later on, i heard some screaming, and i thought to my self, "what the heck is going on?" once we got closer, we then found out that it was the channel 7 news van and they were filming the line! i started screaming and jumping up and down! then we got closer to the camera, and the guy with the mike said, "who wants to interview someone?" i waved my hand frantically, but he chose this girl that was in front of me. as soon as the camera was rolling again, i started screaming and jumping up and down! then we went into the arena, and we went to find our seats. well, it turned out that they were blocked off by yellow tape! we then went to the ticket counter to complain. the lady said that they weren't blocked off, and someone was coming to show us that they weren't blocked off. while the guy was getting our new tickets, the lady behind the counter gave FRONT ROW tickets to these 2 little girls! i was MAD! but, we ended up on having good seats! awhile into the concert, nick bent over and picked up something and his butt was facing the audience! i lost it completly! i also got to see how it was when they changed thier clothes. nick, brian, kevin, and howie all waved @ me and nick gave me the "i luv you" sign! i lost it then too! howie winked @ me and kevin and howie flirted with me! it was AWSOME and i'll remember that day 4 EVER!!!!!
pix 4rm the concert
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