let's see... it was february 23rd 2002. the day before, i had the flu. my dad said that i wouldn't be better by the next day, but i was going even if my best bud had to carry me in! well, the next day, i was better. i went to the concert. as soon as we got to the pond, i leaped out of the car before it even stopped! i then ran over to the KIIS-FM van and i asked if they had anything. all that they had was a keychain (yippie)! then, my bud and i went to the radio disney van, and all that we got was a stamp. then we went and we stood in line to get in. our seats were WAY in the nose bleed! i still had fun anyways! after we got to our seats, i then went to buy stuff. i got a t-shirt, a picture book, and a necklace thing that looks like a backstage pass! then later on in the concert, i bought 2 glow sticks! that boy has ALOT of energy for a boy his age! after the concert, i met one of his back up dancers and i got pix taken by his tour bus!
pix 4rm the concert
wango tango
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