The Real Me
Ha!  Look, no cat make-up!! But this time I got a cat wig. :)  Really, there is more to me than my Cats obssesion.  I'm also in love with two wonderful boy-bands; O-Town and The Backstreet Boys.  (notice the shirt. :P)  I also love Aaron Carter.  I also like other music too.  That's my little sis Jamie painting my wig for a Cats production that my friend Atraielees a.k.a. Jenny produced.  I played Jennyanydots.  My 5 favorite cats are Tumble, Etc., Jennyanydots, Jemima, and Rumpulteazer.  By the way John Partridge and Jacob Brent are HOT!!!!!  (Tugger and Misto in the video.) I'm also obssessed with race cars! I'll have a page of it up as soon as i get the pix and scan em! i'm also obsessd with newsies! Plus i am now also obsessed with 4 new movies! LOTR, Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men, and Hollywood Homicide! those movies are AWSOME! i've seen Pirates 3 times and i hope to see it over and over again! it's VERY funny!
jacob brent AKA MR. FLEES
john partridge AKA RTT
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