August 20, 2002
     Yeah!!!!!! That last chemo treatment is finally over and Nick is DONE! NO MORE CHEMO!!!!  It all happened on July 23rd and boy did Nick have a blast!!
     First of course, was the visit to the clinic where Nick's favorite Nurse Michelle gave him his FINIAL dose of vincristin.  Then it was lunch time.  We went to Bob Evans and Nick scarfed up a whole plate of cinnamon pancakes and then dug into a "Smiley Sundae"! (See the pic on the main page)  After stuffing himself we went next door to visit "Casa La Parrot" a pet store full of ALL kinds of birds. Nick got to go into the backroom and see all the little baby parrots and watch them get fed.
Then of course he talked and laughed with a few of the big ones on the way out.  Nicks favorite parrot was on sale for
only $800 - but, we were alittle short (LOL) so, we'll just have to keep visiting!
     Next stop was Craig's Cruzers where Nick and his Dad played all kinds of video games and then raced on the go-carts.  Afterwards Nick and I shared a bumper boat and had a water squirting fight with Dad.
We all got really wet and had lots of fun.
      But then it was time to head home where a BIG suprise was waiting for Nick.  Thanks to "Uncle" Frank a new trampoline was all put together and waiting for him in the back yard!!! And Nick has been having so much fun on it! He loves to have music out there to jump to and I wish you all could see him go!!! He is learning all kinds of tricks and dancing around - his favorite CD to jump to is ZZ Tops Greatest Hits (one of my old favorites)!!!
       Tomorrow we are continuing the celebration with a trip to the theme park "Michigans Adventure" where Nick plans to ride the BIG rollercoasters for the first time!  He is now finally 48 inches high and tall enough to ride it ALL!!! We will definately have to post those pics on the next update!
      Also, in just a couple days (August 22nd) Nick has his first day of school.  A 3rd grader this year!!! WOW! This year will be a critical year for Nick.  He will be hopefully going full time and also starting back with physical, occupational, and speech therapies.  He is going to need alot of support and help this year, it's going to be a tuff road to recovery.  He is still recovering from his last blood count crash and tires easily - but I know he can do it -  I just pray he keeps up his awesome attitude and doesnt get discouraged.  He is having a 4 hour long neuro-phys evaul next month and that will really help us to know exactly where he is at, and what kind of help he needs. 
      Thank you all for your continued support. Your cards, letters, emails, and gifts mean alot - but most of all -  for you support in prayer - for that we can not thank you all enough.
      I will update again next month, until then - God Bless ~Pam
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