April 2002)
Aren't we just adorable!  These are our baby pics with our  Nick! We were really lucky when our Nick and his mom rescued us from the pet store!  We just love our Nick! We love to crawl all over him and give him smooches!  We especially love mornings cause thats when we get fed!! Ummmm carrots! food! gimmie!!!
July 2002
May 2003
Well, we've been eating LOTS of carrots, look how we've grown!
And now we have a  new cage!
It's a "high rise" with a hammock and a tunnel, and lots of room to climb!!  We are getting soooo much bigger, we needed more space! And this cage has a floor that slides out that our Nick and his mom really like too......
(well......we are called the
"Poop Brothers" ya know !)

We were SOOO happy with our new home,  we just had
to give our Nick a little "thank you smoochie"!!!!
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