This is "Hockey" my Rose Haired or "Chillean Rose" tarantula. She is my first pet after my doggie Pork Chop went to Heaven.  I guess you could say Hockey started it all, for now I have many pets!  Grandma and Dad keep telling Mom and me "NO MORE PETS!"  But, I am still wishing for a ball python, and a little chihuahua !

   We thought Hockey  was a "He", but found out we were wrong!  I'd had  Hockey
for about a month when she started spinning web like crazy, then a few days later she had her web rolled up in a big ball.  She was standing over it and wouldn't move.
So, my mom and I got on the internet and found out that she had layed EGGS and was GUARDING THEM!!
     After awhile though, she lost interest, so, she "lost" her egg sac!  We decided Grandma D. would have a fit if there was a ton of tiny tarantulas crawling around!!!!! (And since she wasnt gaurding it anymore,there was a very good chance the eggs were unfertilized anyway.)

My friend
Kieran who lives in Scotland has a tarantula named George! Click on his name to go to his site. He is also a cancer warrior!!!
10/2002  KEWL!!!! Just in time for Halloween, Hockey has molted out of her old skin and now has a bright new costume!!!  We have her house decorated for Halloween too with a "Skull" for her cave!  Wow!! This means she is getting..
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