Nick's Midi Page
  Welcome to Nick's midi page, attempting to bring you accurate, free midi files that are easy to download, play and listen to. Each midi file (currently just the one due to me having just started) on this page has been created from scratch by me on the score writing program Sibelius version 2.1, and therefore I apologise in advance for any limitations in instruments, dynamics etc...

   However, each midi file is created by obtaining and mp3 recording of the song and simply listening to it, with no use of any other software or technology (bar a keyboard). It's a little hobby of mine that passes some of the time, and I hope you enjoy the end results. Feel free to comment on anything you hear, as well as making suggestions for improvements or midis that you would particularly like to hear, and this can be done be emailing:

[email protected]

I would also like to apologise for the relatively poor website layout...computing never was one of my strong points!!! Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the site.
Nothing to do with the page or midis, it's just a tremendously big wave that looks rather terrifying!!!
The Midi Files
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