The Sisters of the Protective Order of Nick's Manly Chest
Welcome to the world of The Sisterhood of the Protective Order of Nick's Manly Chest.  If you have come to admire the man that we have all come to know through ABC's hit television series "Dancing With the Stars," Nick Kosovich, then you have come to the right place!

We welcome new members as well as original members, and congratulate all on joining the sisterhood that has sustained us through the hilarious, the depressing, the mundane and the interesting...

You will find here, a collective group of women, who are willing to support one another through Manly Chest sundaes, failed Homecoming dances, soul searching, creative impulses, and even twentieth anniversaries!

Welcome once again, to the Sisterhood of the Protective Order of Nick's Manly Chest!
The Manly Chest and She Who Commands It
Nick and Lena Kosovich
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