This is boring. don't read unless you want to bored.   seriosly.
I am Nick. I am interested in science.                                Yeah man. Science.
        My name is Nickolas M. Shakespeare. I live in Marlboro Vermont. I have an older sister named Justine, and four cats and a dog. I used to go to Leland and Grey High School, but after getting accepted to the digital editing program, I attend the Brattleboro High School.
         That's all fine and dandy, but these are just the essentials. There's much more about me than just how many cats I have. For instance, I have played the piano for over five years. My last birthday, I got a full-keyboard electric piano. I have waited forever for this and after I got it set up, I marveled at the beutiful sounds that came from it. I played until my fingers turned blue. But I couldn't play much. The only songs I knew were "twinkle twinkle" and "Mary had a little lamb". But Lo, I look in the box the piano came from and there, lying in a clear plastic bag was a song book. Fifty songs at my disposal. At once I went to work. I can't sight read, so it took me a very long time to learn a song. But after a while of hard work and determination, I now have a few good songs under my belt.
         Now for the topic of my learning styles. After taking the test online, I realized a few things about myself. For instance, I'm a mathematical learner. Who knew? I always thought I hated math. I also learned that I'm a bodily learner. I like to move around and touch stuff. But one of the things this site said I was really great at, which kind of surprised me, was that I was a musical learner. Wow. Where'd that come from. Mabye I was just having a musical day. But I guess I do like to listen to music, I do play the piano, and I do like to hum every now and then.
          So that's me. Nick Shakespeare. Of course there's more to me than just what is said in this site. But this is of course just the essentials
         I also found a new interest in working out. I row on an erg. It's a rowing machine. for rowing...k.
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