Chemistry in the big world, man.
    My chemistry project is based copper plating. Copper plating is mainly used as a heat shield. Sometimes it's main purpose is a carburizing or decarburizing shield. It is also used in some US coins, such as the quarter. If you look closly, you can see on the side of any quarter that between the two layers of silver, there is a tiny layer of copper plating. That thin little layer is there to prevent base metal migration, or a contorted shape.
      Electro coated copper paper is a thinner kind of copper paper used for protecting and for the sake of the appearance of the paper. The idea of electro coated copper paper was used in many household items, such as paper bags, paper envolopes, and aver small booklettes.
     The main company that started the copper coating idea was Anaconda. Anaconda was started in 1907 os a copper mining company. Then in 1924, a man named William M. Shakespeare (my great grandfather) joined the company. In 1930, Shakespeare was premoted to manager of the firm's roofing department. He had a small office in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. It was at this time when he invented the idea of making a thin sheet of copper.
     Copper coated paper used to be the newest fad, and it attracted attension from many people. But in 1950, the copper mining industry was very dangerous. the Anoconda company suffered multiple lawsuits from people. it had to shut down.
     The only reminder that such a stage in copper history took place are assorted newspaper clippings and a few ancient copper coated relics from long ago.
To see a picture of some of the Anoconda brand name stamps, click here.
To see a picture of a copper coated envelope, click here.
To see a picture of a copper coated paper bag, click here.
(This one's sideways.)
To see a picture of some assorted copper paper peices, click here.
To see a newspaper clipping stating William M. Shakespeare's death, click here.
(This one's out of focus.)
To see a picture of a copper coated book, click here.
(It's old.)
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