Chem X...........the Beggining
Ok, it's safe to come out now. C uz I'm done!! Booya!
To start off, let me just say that I think metal plating was and still is an amazing invention. The numbers of uses it fulfills are countless. From silverware to car parts, Metal plating covers everything. On this page, you should see a few links that will take you deeper into the study of metal plating.
History If you want to know how metal plating cam to be, click here!
If you want to know about the many ways metal plating is made, click here!
How it's made
Why it's used If you want to know about the advantages to metal plating, click here!!!
How it's used today If you want to know what items in todays world use metal plating click here.
If you want to become bored within minutes, Click here!!
So the next time you see a gold watch, or a silver goblet, keep in mind that it probably isn't 100% gold or silver. These items, along with countless others are victems to the wonders of metal plating!!
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