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Hi out there! It's me, Nick! Come on in! I'm so glad you're here! I made this page because BLUE'S CLUES is my favorite show. I watch it about three times every day. It might seem like all fun and games but I have really learned a lot from watching BLUE'S CLUES.

What is BLUE'S CLUES anyway?

BLUE'S CLUES is Nick Jr's think-a-long, play-a-long program for preschool aged kids. Steve (the host of the show) invites you into his house and then his dog Blue leaves her pawprint on objects to help you figure out what she wants to do today. Each show has a theme, and there are puzzles and riddles to solve along the way about that theme. The theme song explains the show pretty well.

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STEVE: Oh, Ok, so to play BLUE'S CLUES ... we gotta find a ...
KIDS: Pawprint!
STEVE: Right! 'Cause that's the first ...
KIDS: Clue!
STEVE: Yeah! And then we put it in our notebook 'cause they're BLUE'S CLUES, BLUE'S CLUES.
We gotta find another pawprint ...
That's the second clue!
We put it in our notebook 'cause they're who's clues?
We gotta find the last pawprint,
That's the third clue!
We put it in our notebook 'cause they're BLUE'S CLUES, BLUE'S CLUES!
You know what to do!
Sit down in our thinking chair and think ... think ... thi-i-ink!
'Cause when we use our minds and take a step at a time,
We can do anyTHING ... that we wanna do!
STEVE: OK ... It's clue time!

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