Nick's Tattoos

We never thought the day would come. All Nick fans assumed that "little Nicky" would remain free of permanent INK body decoration.....we were wrong.

Music note...for his love of music (right shoulder blade)

Shark...for his love of the ocean (left upper arm)

Nick got a 3rd tattoo in ealry December. It's a band halfway around his right bicep.(Thanks to Nicolle for some of the new pics!)
The tattoo artist came to Nick's hotel room on December 6th to do the tattoo. Here is all the stuff he had to set up and use.
It took 30 minutes to place the tattoo on Nick's arm.

Nick has gotten yest ANOTHER tattoo. i am getting pics soon.

THE TATTOO LOVER: He or she believes the more decorated the human body is the more beautiful it is. Wether it is a rose, skull, or words the tattoo lover thinks self expression on the body is the ultimate art. Sexy or sleek on an arm or buttcheek, tattoos are cool and body art RULES!
MOTTO: Think Ink


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