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~*Thank You Angel Emma*~
3/6/03 It started last Tuesday when Nick wasn't feeling good at his therapy session.  He had a little bit of a fever and complained that his neck hurt........

A doctor visit resulted in a Dx of a virus and sore neck muscles from therapy.

Nicks fever continued through the week, not high, but clinging.  And his neck pain didnt go away.....

Friday nite brought me home from work with the worst sore throat I'd ever had in my life....

Saturday  I called into work and was considering a trip to the med center when Nick's dad Bob said  "We need to bring Nick in, his neck and fever are getting Worse - not better.
Well, I wasnt in any shape to go too so I stayed put by the phone and waited......
Finally Bob called to say they were doing a MRI with contrast dye to check out his neck.  And hours later, they came up with the same Dx,  a virus and muscle strain!

The next morning, (Sunday the 2nd) I drove myself to the med center and was Dx with strep throat and told I would be contagious for 48 hours.  So Bob continued being Mr Mom, and I was banished to the basement family room.

By late Monday morning, Nick's neck had swollen up a great deal on one side and his fever was going up!  Bob brought him back to the doctor and this time we got to see the doctor and not the assistant.  The doc said Nick had an infection in his neck and to get him back to E.R. right away!!!  AAAHHHH!!

So, back to the E.R. where Nick got poked AGAIN and the docs there informed Bob that the radiologist had
MISS- READ the results when they were in Saturday and yes, Nick had an infection and would have to be admitted!  I can not tell you how I was feeling then - at home - not able to be with Nick and not being able to rip some doctors up one side and the other after I heard this!!!

It seems what started out as a virus and sore throat for Nick, somehow got
INTO his neck and set up house and had a big old infection party!  So, they gave him pain med. because by now the poor baby was really stiff and hurting.  And some major antibiotics thru his I.V. from Monday afternoon, till Wednesday afternoon.  Bob stayed with him there at the hospital Monday nite, and I was able to finally be there and with my baby Tuesday till we brought him home Wednesday afternoon.

He is doing fine now, but we have to keep a close eye on his neck to ensure it keeps going down, and he will be on antibiotics for the next two weeks.  Hopefully it will go away completely by its self, but there is a chance that a "pus pocket" will remain.  If this is the case, it will have to be removed surgically.  We pray this will not be the case for our little cancer warrior has had enough surgery already to last a life time!!
But, he is in good spirits and recovering nicely so far.


We want to send out a major big THANKS to Hugs and Hope for sending the balloons to the hospital for Nick.  He got such a kick out of those and was so suprised! 

We thank you all for the many emails and ecards full of good thoughts, hugs, gifs and prayers while Nick was in the hospital. He loves them all and sends big hugs back!!

And most importantly Thank you all for the prayer power!  Our Lord is listening and granting them all!!  We can't thank you enough! 
Thank you HeavensBlueAngel for this adorable gift!
God Bless  ~Pam, Bob, & Nick
3/23/03 Thank you all so much for the many get well wishes and prayers! (See update below for story)  The infection in Nick's neck is completely healed and he will need NO surgery to remove any lingering abscess. Wow! What a relief!!!

Nick had a very wonderful Birthday celebration this weekend, and sends big hugs and thank yous to you all for all the many cards, gifts and birthday wishes he received.  I will post pics on the next update and go into more detail - We just wanted to post this quick to let you all know that our little warrior has won another battle and is doing just fine!

Thank you Angel GreenEyes and all the angels from Simply Enchanting Angels for all the love and support you've sent our way!  You are all truely a blessing!

And again, thank you to everyone who support Nick, and his family in prayer.
You all mean more than we could ever say.

                                                           God Bless  ~Pam, Bob, &Nick

A Quick Update On Nick's Infection:
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A Miss-Dx
Update for April 2003
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