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Me on a night out in Wales

N A Munkeh!!

Grrr this is doig my nut in, i've changed something somewhere when i changed the photo etc and now it won't stop being all bi and annoying. I'll try and fix it soon.
So i've been away from the site for a while. Got a bit distracted by my LJ and things like work and my life :)
I've decided that i'm gonna put a section on here about my family and the family name so that any other Doherty's looking for people out there can see it.
Th photo is a random one from Wales when i went to see Lizzie in Nov 2004, yes i'm drunk but hey at least i'm not looking fat and ugly :)

I'm still 22 and working for Schenker, its going quite well and I think slowly i'm making myself indispensible :)
I still have my list of things to do - now i'm getting old and boring tho i might not do them! The list is still at the link below:

Things I had a vague idea i wanted to do when i was young and foolish :)

I took a personality test which was scary see the results here

Thanks to Ghosty for the chat box, go see his site at


I'm going to leave this a bit bare at the moment while i'm busy doing stuff. Though i do have a livejournal now which I tend to update more often

live journal

Keep checking for updates.

Monkey xx

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