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September 23rd: Just started my websiite.  It is 12:12 am so I think im gonna goto bed.  Picked background, added a few links, wrote this.  Thats about it.
Proof that girls are evil
Why Guys Like Girls
September 25th: Updated some link locations.  That is all.
Pics and Stuff
October 23: Havn't edited the site in over a month, as you can read, but thought it would be cool to put in a favorite quotes section, so I did that.  Sooner or later I'm gonna finish the pictures section, but I have to stop being lazy first.
Favorite Quotes
People I know (shoutouts I guess)
November 17: Yesterday was my birthday.  I am really bored today so I decided to do something with the site. I figured i should probably add a guestbook or something, even though im the only one who ever looks at my site i think. Happy birthday to me.
November 27: Thought I would add a diary.  Yeah its kinda corny I know but whatever, i'm bored so i'm gonna do it.  I should probably update my site more ofte n but like I said I think im the only one who ever views it anyways.  Still didn't add a guestbook yet. I'll do that too.
January 8- Well, its a new year.  I think we might be at war with Iraq soon and we are still cautious of the Taliban.  War is going on in the middle-east and We just found out one of our allies is hiding nuclear weapons from us, but HAPPY NEW YEARS!  Anyways, I finished the friends timeline page and added the guestbook I said I was going to add last time .  I deleted the diary cause' I realized I had better things to do than write about my day on a web page nobody views.  If I ever get a digital camera i will  Post some pics and stuff, but until than, im gonna goto bed.  The end
February 2-  Man I am bored today.  I added a couple of pics to the pics and stuff page, repaired some broken links, added some stuff to my shoutouts page, and wrote this.  Thats about it.
October 10th, 2003-  Yes you heard right.  It has been a good eight months since i have messed with this site.  Right now I am in BCIS Combo with good friends of mine Brittany and Julie.  They wanted to see the site so I showed them, and then I decided to mess with it.  Turns out I was right about the war with Iraq, we did have fight them, and we did win.  Arnold Schwarzennegar is governor of California now, and he is crazy awesome.  Well anyways, I have to goto lunch cause' I am hungry, so I guess I am going to go now.  Not that anyone cares because nobody visits the damn site anyways.  I read the book The Catcher in the Rye the other day for my book review, and it is the best book I have ever read.  I recommend it to all the ghosts and imaginary people that read the site. I am gonna go now......Goodbye.....I'm leaving now.....uhhh yeah bye.  Oh yeah everyone goto and download the whole season they kick a ton of ass .  Alright now bye.
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