Christian Rap

Christian Rap as emerged as a Phenomenon like no other. Instead of vulgar language, Christian rap honors God and all of his Glory. For many, Christian rap is a form of Worship, and for others, like myself, it is a way of life. To the left, is a picture of me opening for a band named Chronic Pursuit.


Below are some of my Favorite Christian rap Atrists. If you ever get a chance to check them out, I seriously recommend it.

1) DJ Maj, one of my personal favorite Dj's. Click here to hear a sample of his song " The Ringleader"

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One of Maj's best songs in my opinion is a song called " pressure". The following are the lyrics to this song.

"9am in the morning just getting to work
10am in the morning co-workers starting to flirt
she said I know youre not happy
wife aint making you happy
if you wanna I can show youre a really good time tonight
should I
a ignore what shes saying
b partake in what shes planning
c reflect the truth that Im striving to be wanting to be dying to be
d add some fuel to the fire
e dive into her desire
another day in the life of a person like me and you ooh ooh oooh
living it up under pressure
giving it all the game called life
gotta be true to the letter
cause if I want to receive
giving love is the key
Verse 2
johnnys got a family to feed
how can he supply all their needs
the job he has doesnt pay enough
things have gotten a little rough now hes
had to get another job his children wont ever see their pops
now hes out there struggling at the corner store out there hustling should he
keep on doing what hes doing
a new job hes pursuing
be the man hes created to be his family needs him around
hit is knees and start praying
please hear what im saying
another day in the life of a person like me and you ooh ooh oooh Chorus
he did it legitimate with no concocting
family man with 2 seeds and stock option and options
past what the mind can grasp occupations task
giving what ever hes asking she
presents the offer but he simply declines it
naivet? or real man with grand plan
revelation of the 7th command and pierced hands
contrary to the popular stands of lets dance
he plans to raise a generation of babies on
morals of grand momma and boogie to steve wonder
cause God blessed the child with soul claps and thunder
escape from every plunder when pressure is what were under
Living under pressure got to give it to this game called life (repeat 3x)

2) Divine Soldiers. This group is straight out of Akron Ohio. Their lyrics hit hard, and have a deep meaning. Far from the empty lyrics that secular artist have. Click here to visit the Divine Soldiers. On their site, they have a Divine Soldier Player, where you can listen to their album.
3) Cross Movement. This Rap group is one of the first groups that I had ever listened to. Their Beats are off the hook, and their lyrics are just as nice. Click here to visit Cross Movement.

4) In December of 2002, i started going to a church named Akron First Assembly. I had always gone to church, but not to a church where we always talked about God. Let me just put it this way, I thought my prayers would be answered if I kept my eyes shut the whole time. lol. Lets just say i was confused. In April 2003, I went on my first youth event with my new church. It was a youth Convention in Columbus. During this time, I was real heavy in the secular rap scene. I had never even heard of Christian Rap. When we got there, my Youth Pastor told me their was going to be a " Christian Rapper" there. I had to laugh. I thought Christian rap would be the most weak, horrible thing I had ever listened to. My youth Pastor said his name was Kj-52. I had never heard of him before, so I decided to give him a chance .I went and his suff was kind of hot. He started to share his testimony, and he said if we wanted to get closer to God, we would have to give up something in our life that was important to us, and fill that void with him. I started praying about it,( remember I had never prayed like this before) and God spoke to me for the first time. He told me to throw away and get rid of all my secular rap. I was like, whoa!!!, that is a major part of my life. Then I realized that God should be the major part of my life. Ever since that day, live listened to Christian Rap, and I even have my own album in the works. To the left are a few pictures of Kj-52's many albums. Check them out if you get a chance because i promise you will not regret it. Especially check out Dear Slim Volume 1 & 2.
5) La Symphony. One of the most original groups out there. Their lyrics are catchy and their beats are infectious. This group is probably one of my ultimate favorite groups. I haven't gotten a chance to listen to all of their stuff, because they have 13 ALBUMS!!!! On their web site is a little sample of their last 3 albums.

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