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Home Grown Terrorists - Nick Griffin
Chairman - British National Party

Home Grown Terrorists 13th July 2005

Nick Griffin comments on the London suicide bombings, his coming court appearance, multiculturalism, political correctness, PC policing and other important issues

Listen To Nick Griffin In Debate With *Abu Hamza
( * The Fundamentalist Muslim Cleric From Finsbury Park Mosque )

Sooner or later there will be an Islamic terrorist attack in Britain.
And when it does the terrorists will turn out to be either asylum seekers or second generation Pakistanis, probably from somewhere like Bradford.
I made that prediction at a private BNP meeting in the Reservoir Tavern in Keighley on 19th January 2004 18 months before the multiple Islamic suicide bombings which police last night admitted were carried out by second generation Pakistanis from Leeds and Dewsbury.

By now, every newspaper and TV and radio station in the country will have reported these facts. So, 18 months on, it emerges that I was nine miles out, and that, by not predicting that the terrorists would be suicide bombers, I under-estimated their fanaticism. But as a piece of prophesy it was surely better than your average Whittakers Almanac, and streets ahead of anything from any other modern British politician, with the honourable exception of Enoch Powell, who was too far away from events to see them through anything other than a glass very darkly and wasnt anything like so specific.

The crucial question, however, is whether I should face seven years in prison for making that prediction? For that is the situation in which I find myself.
Next Thursday, 21st July, I must answer bail at Leeds Crown Court on charges of using words intended or, having regards to all the circumstances, likely, to incite racial hatred. One of the key points in the opening case summary that the prosecution supplied to Leeds Magistrates Court earlier this year was the claim that, by making the prediction at the start of this article, I either intended to incite, or was likely to incite, racial hatred.

British National Party Chairman Mr Nick Griffin, was arrested in December (2004) for suspicion of incitement to racial hatred,after an undercover BBC reporter
filmed him calling Islam a "vicious, wicked faith"

Open letter to Muslims and non-Muslims
from Faith Freedom Foundation
Dear Friends

Winning the Muslim vote

These charges were brought on the decision of the Labour appointed Attorney General, under a law which states explicitly that telling the truth is no defence.

That decision was publicised right at the official start of the General Election campaign, in a blatant piece of New Labour spin designed partly to demonise the BNP in the eyes of white voters, but mainly to claw back the Muslim vote by giving their community leaders my head on a plate.

So untold (so far) thousands of taxpayers money were spent on a team of police officers doing nothing for months except investigating the findings of an agent provocateur and paid liar and spy - working for the Government-funded BBC who had infiltrated a local branch of the BNP which was being run as a rogue operation by another man who was also in the pay of close allies of the Labour Government.

And, as a result of all that grotesque use of taxpayers money, and because I was secretly filmed making that prediction (which I would just have readily made in public had the BBC merely asked for a proper interview and thereby secured the footage for a fraction of the cost) I now face up to seven years in prison for making an uncannily accurate prediction.

Of course, the CPS are complaining about other things I said as well. They object to my referring to the way in which sections of the Koran help provide the climate and the justification for the worldwide problem whereby a minority of young Muslim men become sexual predators against young girls from other communities.

Channel 4 broadcast

The fact that this is true; the fact that Muslims are not even covered by the anti-free speech Race Laws; the fact that Channel 4s Edge of the City programme publicised the extent of this problem in Keighley to millions of TV viewers, whereas I was speaking to a mere 70 or so people none of that mattered to the New Labour CPS when they decided to get the Muslim vote by giving them Griffin.

The CPS case summary says that, in the two speeches in question: Griffin draws the distinction between Asians and non-Asians, which is insulting to Asians. On that basis, every newspaper report on minority crime, and every piece of police radio traffic and internal documentation concerning such crime, is insulting to the minority from which the suspects in question are drawn.

If applied to wanted reports and the police, such a situation would make it impossible to describe and identify criminals obviously a bad thing. If applied to political debate, it would make it impossible to discuss certain problems in our society obviously a bad thing, especially when the problems so put beyond the possibility of discussion would be the circumstances in West Yorkshire towns that lead 18 and 20-year-old middle class kids to become suicide bombers.

Finally and this points really are all the case against me which the CPS has I spoke at another private BNP meeting in Morley Town Hall about the way in which the police and the media turn a blind eye to anti-white racist violence including murder - by some Muslim youths. The CPS claim that this shows that I wanted to incite hatred. Of course, I did not. But I did want to galvanise our activists for one last push just before the then forthcoming council elections to help us get the political representation that would help us to force the media and the police to acknowledge that racism cuts both ways, as a first essential step to getting the violence stopped.

Going wrong

This brings me back to tonights shocking news, and the professed shock among Establishment and moderate Muslim commentators. How, they ask, could some young Muslim men go so wrong?

Well, maybe these people are exceptionally stupid, or maybe theyre wilfully blind, but to me its very plain, so let me spell out the key factors:

Anti-British propaganda

First, the endless anti-white, anti-British propaganda put out in the National Curriculum and on TV has helped to give hundreds of thousands of young Muslims whopping great chips on their shoulders; Second, the grotesque Islamophilia of so much of the British establishment - particularly in the media, education system and politics is such that Islam is almost universally portrayed as the only religion with passion and truth on its side. From Piss Christ sculptures to TV sitcoms, a supposedly Christian society allows everything from blatant blasphemy to good-natured humour to send out a message that it doesnt care about its own religious heritage. Where, on the other hand, is the Islamic Father Ted?

Is it any wonder that a growing number of youngsters are attracted by the uncompromising This alone is the Way to Salvation message of Islam? Left-liberals who openly sneer and laugh at anyone who still admits to believing in the Holy Trinity or the Resurrection manage to fall over themselves to praise the wholly unWesternised tenets of Islam, despite the fact that, if they unleashed their atheistic critical faculties on it in the same way they do Christianity, they would almost certainly write it off as a mutated moon god cult. Perhaps they do in private does anyone really believe that those sophisticates at the Guardian and BBC would give the time of day to any god save their own bank balances? - but their unhealthy fixation with all things Third World prevents them saying so.

All of which means that a message goes out to agitated young Muslims: Of course we must believe in Allah even the powerful kuffars understand that He is special. Wonder why they take Him seriously enough to kill in His name? Blame the atheists who put on Islam Awareness Week.

Arranged marriages

Second, because successive Governments have allowed several generations of young Muslim men to bring in uneducated arranged brides from Third World countries, the Western education and integration that would have helped to combat extremism in their community has been constantly undermined;

PC policing

Third, Politically Correct policing and crime reporting in newspapers has created among large numbers of young Muslims the impression that they are Untouchables. The blind eye or understanding slap on the wrist applies from minor misdemeanours such as littering, spitting or hurling racist abuse at passing whites, through vandalism, stoning fire engines and beating up white boys, through to sexually assaulting white girls, pushing heroin and murder.

To give a current and particularly bad example: Several weeks before the General Election we provided Keighley police with the name (and other evidence) of the young Muslim thug who has spent months strutting the streets of that town boasting that he stabbed to death Sean Whyte in nearby Colne in an unprovoked racist murder on Seans eighteenth birthday. What have they done about it? Nothing, absolutely nothing, despite the fact that we have also given them other information to go on.

From British Nationalist, December 2004
Kriss Donald

(In the transcript of my speech for the court, incidentally, the police couldnt even spell his name correctly, but put down Shaun White. Can you imagine how many heads would have rolled in McPherson had found Met records speaking of Steven Lorenz?)

What message goes out to thoughtful young men coming of age in the Muslim community? This society is sick, it doesnt even care about its own people, let alone us Muslims, whether in Iraq or in Britain. We should bring it down and build a better world in its place. This brings us to what should be the really scary thing for the liberal elite the bombers probably wont even come from the drug-pushing, car-twocking, pimping criminals among the Muslim community. After all, theyre still happily pushing drugs, stealing cars and enjoying the benefits from their whores.

Ill make another prediction that most if not all of the bombers and their close associates will be brighter than average, even originally more decent than average, Muslim kids, who first turned to the Koran out of despair at the squalid criminality around them, in the wreckage of the liberal permissive society in general, and their own petty gangster-ridden communities in particular.

The Koran

Which brings me to the fourth piece of the jigsaw that makes a Muslim boy who could have become a teacher or a chemical engineer become a suicide bomber: the Koran and associated teachings.

Let me repeat what I said on Radio 4s Today programme yesterday morning: The Koran has some tolerant verses, but they are outweighed by ones which are either blatantly intolerant and full of hate towards unbelievers or to be charitable can be interpreted as intolerant and full of hate towards unbelievers. It is not a Book of Peace but a handbook for conquering other peoples countries through a combination of example, persuasion, guile, coercion and naked violence.

Until the Muslim Council of Britain and their fellow moderates accept this, and at least try to address, condemn and reform away the elements that justify coercion and violence, then their insistence that the only methods by which it is acceptable to spread Islam are example and persuasion must be taken as springing from guile rather than sincerity and truth.

And, whatever their real motivation, all the expressions of shock and bewilderment from the MCB wont stop the three or four groups of awestruck fifteen and sixteen-year-old British-born Muslims who are sitting on three or four street corners in different British towns tonight discussing the heroic martyrdom of four lads just a few years older than them and deciding tonight, yes, tonight - to follow in their footsteps.

Paramilitary activity

Which brings us to the fifth, and final, part of the jigsaw. When a group like the West Yorkshire suicide bombers (and bear in mind that they are not the first Islamic Shahids that Britain has produced, although up until now weve exported them before theyve gone off) comes together, it is inconceivable that they could make the move from law-abiding spotty nerds to committed suicide bombers without stages in between.

About 18 months ago several farmers and other locals brought to the attention of both Dewsbury BNP and police the fact that a group of young Asian men had been seen doing paramilitary training in nearby woods. Nothing, as far as we know, was ever done about it because, of course, the heads of West Yorkshire police are among the most Politically Correct, terrified-of-another-riot, New Labour brown-nosing cretins in the country (and that, believe me, is really saying something).

If that was the first sign of this home-grown cell (and if it was a different group then it just means that there are more potential martyrs out there in Dewsbury alone), then had the police kept watch for a couple of nights, arrested boys who at the time would have been still at school, and taken them back home for a good paternal hiding, then they would probably have been frightened off and gone back to being computer nerds.

Turning a blind eye to the camouflage kit and replica AK47s in the woods might well have signed the death warrants not just of those innocent Londoners, but of their murderers as well. And wicked though they grew and died, not so long ago they werent, and to four grieving mothers tonight they still arent and never will be.

But is there not still a big jump between playing soldiers in the woods and blowing up tube trains? Yes, and here too the pathetic reaction of the police to anti-white violence may be the missing link to explain how they could have ended up like that.

Inciting violence against kuffars

It is now at least four years since Channel 4 produced a remarkably brave film, also using secretly shot footage, entitled Islam in Burnley. Among the truly shocking footage shown was Abu Hamza speaking to a large and enthusiastic audience in a Burnley mosque. He could clearly be heard telling his overwhelmingly young and British-born audience that it is their religious duty to kill kuffars (the traditional Muslim term by which Unbelievers are dehumanised before being subjugated or killed), and that the best way to develop the skills and the nerve to do so is to start small by putting on a balaclava and going out and punching a passing white in the face, while taking up martial arts training so as to be able to rip out their throats.

Needless to say, while I have to appear in Leeds Crown court at 9.30 a.m. on Thursday 21st to face up to seven years for telling the truth, no charges have ever been brought against Abu Hamza for inciting young Muslims to go and lay one on a kuffar as a stepping stone to learning how to kill the filthy Unbelievers without wasting a bullet.

Hamza, and others like him, have made hate-filled sermons like that in an untold number of mosques and Islamic community centres all over the country for years, to a tight-knit and inward-looking population whose community grapevine and sense of group cohesion is almost incomprehensibly tight by Western standards. For the Government, police and moderate Muslim community leaders to have let the handful of extremists get away with this for so long has guaranteed disaster.

Real concerted action now might help, but it may well be too late to cut out the cancer, because the Hamzas and the Bakris have such street-cred among so many young Muslims, and the still half-hearted steps that will be taken to deal with them by our cowardly Islamophile establishment will only build up their hero status even further.

We may never know if this gang cut their teeth in terms of law-breaking and confidence in themselves and each other in the way Hamza was allowed to advocate, but it is a fact that Savile Town and Thornhill in Dewsbury, like a number of other predominantly Muslim areas in West Yorkshire and other parts of Britain, has effectively been a No-Go Area for young whites (unless they are junkies or prostitutes) for several years at least.

So there is no need to pulp vast numbers of trees and waste rivers of ink in the debate as to how nerdy or nice second generation Pakistani boys mutate into suicide bombers. And neither is there any point at all going out looking for the next generation of same to beat up by way of revenge. All that would do is to create more grievances that would lead even more down the same terrible road.

Political elite to blame

No! The people to blame for the indoctrination in the media and the schools are the political elite.

The people to blame for the arranged marriage conveyor belt that imports an endless stream of ignorance and alienation are the political elite.

The people to blame for the untouchable status of ethnic minority criminals are the political elite.

The people to blame for the continuation of the intolerant strands in Islam - even more than the moderates who refuse to address the problem - are the political elite. Their endless bleating about how Islam and terrorism are not connected merely serves to help the moderates blame everything on Islamophobia and avoid taking responsibility for every aspect of their theological heritage and courting unpopularity by speaking out against the institutionalised anti-kuffar bigotry that besmirches their religion.

And the political elite are the people to blame for the refusal to clamp down on hardliners like Abu Hamza, or on the early stages of militancy by those who are swept away by their rhetoric and the devastating but comforting simplicity of their message.

Political response

So, to conclude, to everyone who reads this article over the coming days of anger, pain and shock, the BNPs message is this:

The problem we face is our own political elite.

Violence against Muslims would merely give that political elite the excuse they crave to clamp down on those of us who are challenging their death-grip on British politics.

Problems caused by bad decisions by politicians can only be changed by good decisions by other politicians.

The only way to make that happen is by changing the politicians, and the only way to do that is by organised, sustained and intelligent political action.

That is the only way out of this deadly mess.
That is what the British National Party exists to do.

But to do it quickly enough to avert catastrophe, we need your help.

Do you have a comment to make about this article? If so write to [email protected]

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