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           Site Introduction
This is actually the 3rd incarnation of this website since 2003.  Originally I had it for personal purposes, then last year I used it for an English project about a college of my choice, and finally here we are coming up on 2006, and it this site is getting its third revamp. 
    If you look around my website, you will find information regarding my current English 10 honors class, and the assignments I am working on, or have completed in that class, as it is a webfolio, which I believe is the same as a portfolio, only on the web...I will probably be posting assignments or work examples in the near future.


Reflections About Me the Student
  I have been doing well as far as academics go in school and have maintained straight A's up through this point in my life, and have learned through the experience of education, school in particular, that sometimes the only way to do things is just to buckle down and get them done; there aren't always shortcuts.
        Ideally this year I would like to get straight A's again, which will be difficult considering my classes and how much class I will be missing, and have already missed, due to extra-curricular activities, and how much of my after school time is consumed by these activities.  As far as high school goes, I think it would be really cool to graduate valedictorian, but that is a quite lofty goal.
         I am not sure what I specifically  want to do with my life after high school, I know I will want to go away to college, maybe even to another country.  Right now I think it would be neat to study Biblical archaeology or apologetics, but eh, I don't really know if that is something I would want to make into a career.
         I think my biggest strength in reading is that reading in it of itself is something I find enjoyable, and this complements my writing, because words  and phrases I have learned through books I can implement into my writing.
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