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What is this 'Kenshin' stuff?

By Kenshin, we mean Kenshin Himura of the Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X fame.

Who is Kenshin Himura?

Kenshin Himura of Rurouni Kenshin is a master swordfighter who utilizes a Sakabatou (A reverse edged sword:  Blade is on the opposite side of normal) and the Ultimate Sword Fighting style, Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu.  He was the Hitokiri Battousai from the Meiji Restoration war.  He no longer kills people, however in battle, with each slash of his blade, he gradually reverts into his Battousai persona.  Here is a profile of him.

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Name: Himura Kenshin/Shinta (Shinta being his birth name)
Style: Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu
Teacher: Seiijuuro Hito
Sword: Sakabatou (Reverse Edged Sword)
Close Friends: Kamiya Kaoru, Sanosuki Sagara, Myojin Yahiko.
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Kaoru at a dojo, with her wooden sword ^_^
Cute ^_^  Pretty much my fave female anime character ^_^
She looks just Kawaii in that kimono, doesn't she ^_^
Another Kawaii pic of kaoru in a Kimono..she's twirling this time ^_^
Kaoru with a moon background ^_^
She so happy...look at the technocolour Background 0_0
Winking and kawaii ^_^
His arm is wrapped in a chain...looking so cool kenshin ^_^
He is Drawing his ^_^
...waitaminute...are those tears0_o..somebody must have done something mean!!!
Whats he looking back at???
Sword Drawn Crosswise in front of his face
He drew his sword for a Slashing ^_^
He could poke someones eyes out if he keeps doing ^_^
Kenshin And Kaoru ^_^
Kenshin and Kaoru Again ^_^
Fireworks ^_^
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