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(5.15.03) This is a very simple yet useful site, an attempt to gather up all the punk and indie rock bands + shows I know about in Buffalo, NY, and to promote the local music scene.

I am currently expanding and updating my LINKS section, so let's make a deal: If you link my page to your page, I will greatly return the favor! E-mail me your links: [email protected].

Joe Strummer

this site is...

For people who'd rather bask in the humid, dusty bins of a locally-owned record store than in the sterile flourescent lighting of big business. For finding others who have similiar interests in punk, indie, hardcore, mod, psych, garage, thrash, or rock n roll music. For starting a band, or booking and supporting shows. In a city that seems to be headed down the shitter, let's try and keep the music scene alive.

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