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Spin the Cherry
In real life, cherry spinning can be a very frusterating game. This online version is not.
Annoy the Koala
Go ahead and bother the cute little koala. But be warned.
Drop the Noodle
Think you've got what it takes to drop the noodle?
Crash Test Johnny
The star of Microwave Johnny in his second role.
Knockover Stan
Stan the snowman man.
Melt the Crayon
Ever tried this? It's almost as much fun as it looks!
Stab the Oyster
Haven't you always wanted to stab a mollusk?
Hit Gary with a Rock
Rudy vs. Gary Richards.
Pop the Bubble
Fun fun fun.
Nickel Painting
Drag the nickels into place to make a pretty picture.

Evolve the Cheese

If you've ever seen the movie Super Mario Bros, you know how this works.
Pick the Potato
Can you pull the potato out of the ground? I doubt it.

Virtual Eat-a-Sandwich

Have you ever eaten a sandwich? Try this fun game that is just like eating a sandwich.
Click the Spot
Try clicking the spot as it jumps around your screen! 5 different levels for extra fun.
Squash the Bug
Can you smush the annoying bug as it runs around?
Toss the Fish
All you have to do is toss the fish.
Poke the Jello
Just like poking real orange jello without the sticky fingers.
Grill the Meat
It's up to you to grill the meat and make dinner for everyone.
Push the Button
Push it enough and get a surprise!
Psyche Out
This game has no point. Just try not to get too dizzy.
Tip the Turtle
Just knock over the turtle. Easy as pie.
Spill the Milk
Haven't you always wanted to spill milk? Now you can!

Microwave Johnny
Johnny has decided to play in the microwave. Uh oh.
Send the Mail
Put the mail in the mailbox, it's so realistic!
Capsize the Boat
Morton and Mindy are boating. Can you stop them?
Buy the Pants
Just like buying real green pants!
Watch the Grass Grow
Watch the grass grow! We sped up the process for excitement.
Drink the Lemonade
Flip the Switch
Get an exciting surprise!

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