July 27th 2004
hey i hate Geocities, so i'm at livejournal username ca_nickels.

July 26th 2004
Hmm al ot has happened since i last wrote, but i'm in no mood to tell you all about it at the moment. lets just say that people can always find something wrong with the person you like, even if they like him themselves.

July 18th 2004
Wow Whte Rock was interesting...Not all what i expected, but not completely bad. I found Mosquitos like my feet, and taht i need an outragous amount of sunblock on my face.I did the hyper diper, and reppeled, it was fun. The waster was SUPER cold but felt so good to be clean. My team ( Elseemanache aka LCMNH) won the White Rock Factor thing. YAY. oh and we played MASBO a lot. here is my mash...
I'm Married to Albert and we live in an outhouse, we drive an orange spyder. my wedding dress was white, and we honymooned in the Caribbean.. I'm a neonatologist and he's a psychiatrist. We live in Oregon with our two kids Matt, Hailey Nicole and our pet baby croc named spike. its a wonderfull life! lol

Anyways thats pretty much all. missed all of you who weren't there. bye

July 7th 2004
Hey wow two days ina row, and i'm awake at 8:19 am, actually i was up at 5:45 cause i went to the gym with Valerie. It was good, i feel a little better about myself knowing that i worked out. Last night i saw spiderman two with valerie, it was good, b ut it was relly loud! ok so there is this new guy at work, well he works for the vacaville store, but he is super cute. super tall, brown eyes, would be blown hair but he colors it. and he is a nice peorson, but not christina, so i guess he's not the one, but he's like the one i would want, i think, or the one i would want right now, if that makes in any sense at all. welli'm gonna go eat, and then sleep some, cause i didn't go to sleep unti like 2:30am and woke up super early! bye

July 6th 2004
Ok, i'm updating becuase MEGAN says that people don't update anymore. and i agree, and i'm one of theose people. Ok so whats up with me? i went to Megans house yesterday to swim and when i got there, she was talking to albert and he siad he wanted to come over, then changed his mind, so we decided to kidnap him so we would go swimming with us. We even told him we'd see him in a few minutes, but when we got to his house he was suprised. well we went back to megans and swam for a while, but then she had to go to work. it was so much fun. i love hanging out with you megan! well i have to go to the white rock parent meeting tonight with my mommy, then go pick up my paycheck from Jamba, we get paid two weeks in a row, thats weird but oh well, good for me!! well thats pretty  much all, i'll update tomorrow too!

July 1st 2004
Ever get the feeling that your friends aren;t really  joking around when they say they are? i seem to be getting that feeling a lot. If you have a friggin problem with me tell me to my face without hidding behind a joke or sarcasm. tell me what the freak you want to tell me to my FACE!!!

June 30th 2004
WHAT!!! its July tommorrow? HOW can that be? i was just the begining of June. Bummer. Well...I get to go to White Rock! YAY. but my parents aren't going to let me go to Mexico this year. That sucks. My mom says because she dosn't know that many adults in the church, so she isn't comfortable with me going. which completely sucks. i really wanted to go. maybe they will change their minds. Hmm so what been going on in my life? Hmmm nothing really other than working. Last sunday i went to Becky's graduation party with some other people. But nothing else is really happening. I have to work on the fourth of July, but i make time and a half, so it isn't to bad. Then i'm just gonna drive to Napa to meet up with my parents and some friends and watch the fireworks. Should be fun. Well since my life is so lame, maybe i'll by some batteries for my camera so that i can update my lame pictures pages. well so long for now!

June 22nd 2004
Oh my, i havn't updated in a while. i haven't really felt like it. I mean most of you all were at kickback, so there really wasn't much going on. I did miss you all though. Oh and while you all were gone,i turned 17! YAY but that was pretty much it. Right now i'm doing absolutly nothing, and plan on doing nothing until i have to work again, which is on thursday. Don't worry i will still be at youth group. You know what i wanna do. i wanna have a girls night with all my girl friends. cause i miss hangin with you guys without all the boys around. well that about all. Love ya

June 8th 2004
Ok...this is a warning. i'm in a bad mood so if you don't want to read about it just stop now. I don't knw why i'm in such a bad mood, but i am, and i can't seem to get out of it. One of my really good friends just got a job at Jamba juice,and i'm so excited, but all the guys including the one i like, keep going of about how pretty she is, and oh she has a twin that makes her so much hotter. and i'm standing there listening to this, pretending I don't care and that it dosn't hurt me. but it does. i know i'm not pretty, but i don't like hearing it from people. especially the guy i like. then. its gonna cost $3,000 for me to get braces, which we can't afford, which means i don't get them for a while, andyou don't understand how long i've waited for them. FOREVER and it is a big deal to me because i have seriously screw up teeth. i don't know, i just am really sensitive when it comes to them. Then i realized that i am really gonna miss Heather when she leaves even though i'm always mad at her now. My friend Brigitte is leaving for College soon,a nd i will probably never see her again. I just feel down, and i can't get out of it. sorry for this random stuff.

June 5th 2004
Wow, since when has it been June? it seems like yesterday it was January, now its June. wow. well my birthday is soon, in like two weeks! June 17th ya'll! i'm so excited! well what has happened since i last wrote? For memorials day i went with Alex and his parents on his sail boat, supper fun! then i worked most of the week. went to youth group, and to work again,and then today went to Nick's graduation party. fun fun. well my head hurts so i'm gonna go. and i'm not gonna update again until at least two people sign my guestbook! love you guys

May 30th 2004
Well, i washed my car and my dads car today in hopes of getting a tan, it didn't work. I'm still as white as can be! oh well i guess its better than being bright red or something. well i really need to go to the mall and then to Jamba Juice, and then to Small Groupe so i'll ttyl! bye

May 29th 20
Ok this is gonna be about something i'm being thinking about for a while. I know thiat i like this guy, but that he has some bad qualities, and that a lot of you don't like him even though you haven't said it flat out, but i still like him, and i'm not sure why. i'm thinking because he's the only one who shows any intrest in me in any way. Ok, now i don't waqnt anyone to come up to me and taell me that isn't true, bcause i can only think of one other person, and we're NOT going to get into that right now. I don't know what to do. I still like him, and he is getting better despite what most of you think about him. i don't know,i guess i'll pray about it. Ok on a lighter note. Last night i was working when i a guy comes into the stre and pays for his  smoothie with a roll of dimes ($5) and so i give him is change, then he askes if he can exchange his other rolls for doller bills, so i ask Alex and he says sure why not. so we gave him 40 dollers, and he gave us a whole bunch of rolls of dimes. so a couple hours later i'm counting my drawer with the machine in the back and when i put the roll of dimes up it says suspect roll. so i took it off and put it back on, and it still said suspect roll, so i go and get alex and he unwrappes it and it is all PENNYS except for like two on each end.. So we go getthe other roolls out of the safe, and they are all the same! i wanted to cry, we lost 45 dollersbecayse of me! AHH Kerri my maneger said it was ok, but i was still upset! thats my little sorry. love you all

May 26th 20
We're doing this pertry until in my english class, and i have found that i like to write random things about how i'm feeling, and that it helps my moods. Maybe i'll put some one here. but that would involve me going out the the car and getting my binder. maybe later. ok how about now...

Its truely amazing how quickly things travel. its like a game of telephone gone terribly wrong. instead of that pretty girl is nice, it has become that fat elephant sucks. But its the way of the world, you her something and you HAVE to tell someone, but the original story isn't good enough, so you have to change it all around to make it more interesting. Then you pass it on, but then they think they story sucks so they change it around and pass it on, and this horrible game of telephone continues. Sometimes i wish I could line up all the people in the game and have them tall me what they passed on, to see where the story changed, who is really ythe fat elephant tht sucks, but thats not part of the game. THe only way for retalyation is to start a new game of telephone, and let the players take the saying where they want, and don't worry it will be just as bad as what was said about you.

Individual...What does that mean. To be your own person or to be somewhat different from thr crowd? To be a loner? Sometimes it seems like the crowd follows you. Like you want to be different but all these people want to be jsut like you, so you mianderin this pitful exsistance where you are lost in a sea of faces, where you are just like the person sitting next to you, and the person next to them. you're lost in a sea of faces ondering if you are special at all. Individual... It has no meaning.

Ok so now that your all board out of you mind, tell me what you think of those so i can turn them in or not. Thank you love you al

May 17th 20
Guess what...one month until my birthday, and one year one month until i graduate. i've been in a bad mood lately becuase of what i've heard about what people think about something, and i wish they would have just told me how they felt about it until telling someone else who told me. geeze! it bugs me. And then some things with some people in my family. they have just been guffing me so much lately. i don't why, i haven't felt this way in a long time, and now i feel alone...yet again. And i feel like all my friends are judgeing me about things that they really don't need to be. I mean you all are my friends, but not everything you say to me is what i'm going to do, i have my life, and i'm going to live it they way i wish t

May 15th 20
Hey last night i went to see Van Helsing with some friends. It was an ok movie, it was predictable though. I wanted to see man on Fire, the one with Dackota fanning and Densel Washington, but someone else didn't want to see it. So i'll go see that soon, and Mean girls, cause i want to see that, it looks cute. Well i'm gonna put some pictures up so tty

May 10th 20
Sorry I haven't updated for a while. I just got bord with it, and no one signs my guestbook, execpt for the same people as always. Well i'm still trying to get pics up from prom. here i'll tell you how it went since i really haven't. I have mucho fun. I danced with Megan because no one else would dance with us except Alex, the boy. I mean you don't have to freak dance to have fun. and no one even cares what you look like when you dance, as long as your having fun. The food was good, and it was so pretty. i took at picture of Megan and her date while we were outside and it was so pretty with the fun setting in the backround! Well thats about all about Prom. I've been sick lately. My head has been hurting, and i can't breathout of my nose. oh well i'll get better soon. And i don't have to close with Elwin tonight, so that is a plus. Well...i'm having an issue with something that i need prayer with . I don't want to tell you what it is becuase people have already told me i'm just telling them to get attention, so i need prayer for this thing, and for my patience with people. thank y

may 3rd 20
Holy Cow, its May already. It seems like life is slipping away! well Prom was fun, as you can see there is one picture of me so far. I'll have a buch more when i have time to add them in. I have to go to Cold stone soon to give heather the car, then i work at 6:30. so i won't be home until about 10:30. I need sleep so badly! i haven't been sleeping very well lately. well i need to get going. i promise to have more pics soon! bye

April 30th 20
Hwllow all.... guess what... 24 hours from now i will be at PROM! yay i'm excited to see how everyone looks, but thats all i'm really excited about. I'm so confused about something right now, but i don't really want to talk about it on here. Its just some people are confusing me. I'm happy that i have one of my friends back. so happy. well i thi nk i will go. i'm not really in a mood to write much. I hope that everyone has a great day tomorrow. see a lot of you tomorrow at Prom. love you

April 27th 20
Well...i got to work today, i guess someone couldn't come in so i got to cover their shift! so i picked up 4 hours! YAY that means more money! well my life is so boring that i'm not going to rambal about it. sign my guest book!

April 26th 20
Holy moly it hot outside. I wish i could wear shorts to school, but i feel so self-consious around people. I don't like people to see how white i am. lol anyways. i just got home from work. it was so busy, and so hot because our air conditioing dosn't work very well. i think they are going to get that fixed soon. i hope it stays this warm until prom, so that it isn't cold on the boat! well we have STAR testing this week, so stupid, i don't know why we have to tak eit. my class was done almost an hour and a half early! gosh so we just got to sit around a nd talk which was cool, because i LOVE the pople in my first period chat group. we tell each other everything! i loveyou guys! well i feel hot and gross so i think i will take a shower! bye all and have the most greatest week! bye

April 25th 20
Whew! i just got off work a while ago, and now i'm gonna go get ice cream with heather, so i will come back and talk to you all latt

April 24th 20
Ehhh...ever feel everyone is better than you? i do all the time. Everyone is prettier everyone is nicer, everyone is everything i'm not! at work there is this new girl whois pretty, but everyone has to say wow shes hot! it just makes me feel ugly or whatever. oh and my all time favorite compliment... Gosh you so skinny, kind of like a slap in the face while people try to compliment you is more what it is. or i can't hug you i'll break you! i'm sick of being skinny. i wish i was at least normal sized so people aresn't so ....grrr i just can' explain because no one really undersdands that saying that i'm so skinny really does hurt. whatever. Prom is next week. i'm sort of excited. But i don't know how it is all going to go with some people there, but i don't want to talk about that. i went over to Angie's house today to help her and Morgan get ready, and they both looked so nice! and Chris and jasyon looked great too. I hope they all have a a lot of fun! i'm sure they will. I didn't ger to see Heather and Luck before they left so i was bummed about that! i'm just not in a good mood lately, so i don';t really want to write anymore...by

April 23rd 20
Hey people. I updated a while a go, after i got back from Arizona but it didn't save, and it was hecka long, so i was discouraged from writting more. so here i am once again. My time in Az was fun. i loved it a lot! i got to see a lot of family, and a few friends. Anywho, i havn't been working much lately, but after prom i get to work a lot! YAY. well thats pretty much it Love

April 3rd 20
AHHHHH i'm having such a bad day! it was fine until about half way through work. Someone was just being REALLY rude! i wanted to scream so badly! then i find out that someone has been taking money from Jamba juice, our tip money, and some other money! gosh how rude can people be? then as i get home i get something out of my wallet, and i find that i'l lost $20, but since i've been at Jamba Juice, i'm not sure someone stole it! i mean i had it when i went to lunch right before work, so now i'm like...id on' wanna work there anymore if someone is gonna be that distrustful! gosh! i just wanna curl up in a ball and cry. I was counting on that money, for Prom stuff, now i guess i don't need a handbag! whatev

April 2nd 20
Gosh ...lst night was interesting! things just doint seem to make since at the moment. One thing hapends, and i think it is good, but i can't seem to stop thinking about all the bad stuff that happened with it. Pray for me and boys, because right now most of them are making me so mad. MOST i said, not all! well i bought my Prom shoes today for $7. i'll buy all the other stuff later. i'm not in the mood to write right now, but i love you a

April 1st 20
Happy Birthday Jayson! lol.. heppy april fools day everyone! actually nothing has really happened to me toady. No pranks or anything, although Chris did give Jasyon two pink ballons for his birthday (one was the disney princesses and one was a care bear! how cute) but that was pretty much it. My feet hurt, but i'm sure that dosn't matter to you. Pray about Prom for me...not FHS but Armijos i MAY be going...i need to think about it. Anywho i want to curl my hair for youth group cause i haven't in a while. Oh and Pray for everyone at Jamba because something might have happened but were not sure, and i can't tel ya what! t

March 30th 20
Hey there. So what do you think of the new look? i took everything but the picture pages away, since no one really looked at anything else. Anywho...I went shopping today with my big sis heather, and Morgan. we looked for Prom stuff. I found a cute handbag for $10 and a cute shawl for $38, but Morgan and i are going to buy the shawl together and use it for the two proms, so it is like $19. I still haven't found any cute shoes that are flats. My mom won't let me just wear flip flops, but i may end up doing ti anyway. so it looks like about $40 for Prom accessories, and bout $40 for a bathing suit. Then i will have a little bit of money left to spend in Arizona. I can't wait to go. i havn't seen some of them in 4 years! thats a long time. and i havn't gotten to see my newest cousin! i can't wait to see him. sigh...i miss them so much. Sometimes i really wish i still lived there, but if i hadn't moved i wouldn't have meet all you wonderful people. however i still miss them a lot. Well... lately i've been doing HECKA sit ups, and stuff like that. i know what you all are thinking..."but you don't need to your skinny" thats not the reason. I have no muscle, and i want some, so situps it is! why do so many girls have such low self esteam? A lot of them do...umm us as i've learned. i don't understand why. Rejection...why is that word even in the dictionary? i think life would be, in fact, much better without it. anywho...that was just a thought i thought you should know. i'm so flippin tired, so i'm gonna go to bed, even though its only 8ish! love

March 29th 20
Hey all i'm not gonna blog to much today because i'm doing a lot of other updating pics. So go look a them and SIGN MY GUEST BOOK! tha

March 26th 20
Its amazing... once you get a paycheck it dosn't stay around long. I got payed tuesday, but all my money is gone. i bought the dress in the picture, and payed for car insuarance. Now i'm broke! Any who...now i just need to buy all the Prom acsesories etc. and i'm done. Oh and i cute bathing suit for when i go to Arizona, and other random places. hmm... Sometimes i feel second rate. Like people only want to be around me when their real friends arent around. Kinda sucks. oh well its life, and it isn't gonna be perfect. you just have to ger used to it. I foundan awesome quote it said if you cant find the time to do it right the first time...when will you find the time to do it over? thats so true. We all put things off, then do it only half way, then complain b/c it turned out like crap. thats the way i live my life sometimes. a habit i'll have to get over. Somone saud to me the other day that i can't last without a boyfriend...and i was thinking, i've lasted this long haven't i? considering i've never had a boyfriend i'm not really sure what they ment by that. thats just their way, confuse the heck outta everyone so they look like they know what they are talking about. bord bord bord... no wait...tired tired tired! i'll be going to bed now! T

March 23rd 20
My oh my... i don't know how many times i can say this, but i love work! i got paid today, $205! and i have so much fun working! tomorrow i'm gonna and get that pink dress tomorrow,  i just hope they have it still. Pray that they do! then i have to pay my dad car inssurance, then i'll have no money once again. oh well it will all be worth it. Anywho. My friend Alex got into a car accident yesterday, and he totaled his Porche! bummer! hes ok though, and thats all that really matters. Well has if you wanted to read anything else about me i'm gonna put in a little survey for you all to read, and so i don't have to send it to all of you!

The Future:
- College I want to Attend: Solano then Sac state
- Where I want to Live: anywhere but California
- How many kids you: 2
- What kind of job you want: Neonatal nurse
- Car you want: i don't know
- 5 years from now: In college still
- 10 years from now: Married and working with a kid
Have You Ever:
- Done Drugs: No
- Run Away From Home: No
- Hit Something: Yes
- Lied: Yes
- Stolen Anything: yes from my sister
- Broken a Bone: fractured
- Cheated on a BF/GF: No
- Gotten Drunk: No
- Let a friend cry on your shoulder: Yes
- Fall asleep in the shower/bath? No
- Gone to Church: Yes
- Never slept during a night: No
- Ever been on a motorcycle: No
- Been to a Camp: Yes
- Sat in a restaurant w/o ordering: No
- Seen someone die: No
- Gone a week w/o shaving: Yes
- Didn't wash your hair for a week: No
- Broken something valuable: No
- Thought you were in love: No
- Streaked the Streets: No
- Screamed at sum1 for no reason: Yes
- Said 'I love you' and meant it: Yes
- Stayed up till 4 AM on the phone: No
- Pulled a prank: Yes
- Made fun of someone: Yes

What is:
- Your fondest memory of this year: working at Jamba
- One thing that makes you the happiest: Being loved
- Favorite food for breakfast: i don't know
- Favorite food for dinner: spetzle
- Your favorite slow song: i love if your not the one, but i don't know
- What would you want in a B/F: way to long a list, but he has to be Christian, and taller than me

- Best guy friend(s): Chris
- Best girl friend(s): Morgan and Audrey
- Current crush: yes...but you don't need to know if you don't already
- Boyfriend/Girlfriend: nope
- Are you center of attention or wallflower: Neither
- Are you timely or always late: Always on time
- Do you have a job: yes...Jamba Juice
- Do you love being around ppl: Sometimes...

- Have you ever loved sum1 you had no chance with: Liked not loved...
- Have you ever cried over sum1 of opposite sex: yea
- Do you have a type of person you always go after: Hmm a little
- Want sum1 you don't have rite now: yea, but it's complex
- Ever liked a close friend: yea
- Are you lonely right now: Not really
- Ever afraid you'll never get married: No
- Do you want to get married: YES!!
- Do you want kids: Yes
- Would you rather love or be loved: Be loved

- Room in my house: Mine
- Type of music: Christian rock/punk
- Location for dates: If I like the guy, who cares? lol
- Perfume or cologne: hmmm
- Flower: daisy's and roses
- Month: April
name: Nicole Adrienne Froehlich
birthdy: June, 17th 1987 
Siblings: Heather and Kirstin
hair color: brown
eye color: green
height: 5'6"
eaten an entire box of oreos: No, but a whole box of girl scout cookies       
been on stage: Yes
had sex: No
gotten in a car accident: No
dyed your hair: Yes
ran around naked in front of people: Maybe when I was a baby....
gone to school in your pajamas: Yes lol
gotten a detention: No
loved someone so much that it made you cry: Yes

talked to? heather
hugged? Alex
instant messaged? Albert
yelled at? hmmm
had a crush on? Albert...and someone else
you kissed? N/A
kissed you? N/A
looked at? My mom I think
you cheated on? N/A
called you? Morgan

do you like someone right now: yea
do they know: no
what do you look for in the opposite sex: Christian...and a lot more

who do you see most often: Morgan, Chris, Jayson, Audrey
who is your most annoying friend: Sean
who do you e-mail the most: ??
whos the loudest: Chris
whos the shyest: none
who has the best room: i don't know
who do you trust the most: Morgan and Audrey
who knows the most about you: Morgan
whos your closest friends: Morgan and Audrey and Chris
favorite friends of the opposite sex: Chris
favorite friends of the same sex: Morgan Audrey

had a serious talk: yes
hugged someone: yes
missed someone: Yes
gotten along with your parents: Yes
fought with a friend: No
cried: No
felt empty: yes

give hugs sometimes: Yes
give back rubs: Sure
take walks in the rain: i love it
go to the beach: Yes
watch TV: Yes
do homework: Sure
play in the snow: not really
stay up all night talking to friends: Yes
work out: Yes
talk on the phone: Sure
talk online: Yes

is most likely to grow up to be a model: Audrey
have known you the longest: Audrey
do you know most about: Morgan n Audrey

been to a concert: Yes
been out of state: Yes
ran a marathon: No
met a famous person: no
bought something and then sold it: No
stalked someone: No

single or taken: Single
if you were gonna go out with anyone, who would it be: God only know (for real)
have you ever had an online relationship: No

what is your worst habit: thinking i'm not good enough for something
what really makes you mad: Gossip
what is your earliest memory: jumpping on a tramoline when i was like 4 in Phoenix with my little b/f Zack(yea we were 4 our parents were best frien

March 22nd 20
Wow....life is boring. All i do it go to work, go to school, and ummm...go to church. Its fun, but the repition is boring. I wanna break outta the norm and do something just cause i can. That would be fun! Right now i just feel like some people in my life are chaning. Maybe it is just because something big is happening in their life. i don't know, but in a week if they are just the same as they are now, then i'm gonna have to talk to them about they way they are acting, because i think that they are being very rude. Well i'm just gonna get the pink dress because i can't find anything else i really liked. now all i have to do  is to go and get it, and get it fitted cause i was a little big. Then i have to buy all the extra stuff for it. But i'm reallhy looking forward to PROM. it should be fun! anywho. Could you all pray for me. I'm unusually impatiant about finding the one. I don't know why, but please pray for me. Love you ALL!

March 19th 20
Hey there... WOW i just got off work! whew...my feet hurt! lol well today we had a short day at school, we got out at like 12 YAY so my sisters and I and Val and Albert went to In n  Out, then i went home and then to work. Not to interesting. Well tomorrow Heather and i are going to concord to look at soom more PROM dresses. I'll take some pictures and put them up, then you can tell me which you like bestest! well i'm sticky from all the juice, so i'm gonna go tt

March 18th 20
Hey all... new page. On the right side of the page you see it says PROM. i'll post pictures of dresses i want, but i don't know which to choose. Right know there is only one dress, but more are on the way. take a look if ya want. Its not really all that exciting. Anywho...have a great d

March 16th 20
I know this sounds crazy, but i really want to go to work. I have nothing to do. No homework, no other obligations or anything like that, so i'd rather be doing something (and i would get paid so that is good too) who knows maybe they will call! anywho...Nothing has really been hapening in my life. Pretty much the same as usual. I think i'm gonna make my webpage just this page and a picture page, and i'll plug people, but other than that i don't think the rest of it gets looked at much. I won't do that for a while, so if you want me to keep something tell me by next wednesday. my wrist hurts. i think it is from scooping at Jamba Juice. Valerie said that her wrist hurt for a while after she got hired, so my wrist should be fine after a while. Zzzz i know this is boring so good bye and have a wonderful da

March 14th 20
I've been abandoned. My family went to Monterey, but i had to work, so they left me here by my sl
ef. So all i really did today was to to church, come home, go to work, come home, and now i'm gonna go to small group in about 10 minutes or so. Ahh....the highlight of my day, my back was hecka hurting at work, so i talked to Alex and he came by work to pop it for me. Now it is all better (well i don't think that is the only reason he came ;) ) anywho. I think i work on wednesday and ontuesday, i'm not sure. Well i should prolly check that out huh. Lol i got a cute e-mail today from Lexie, it was a whole bunch of pictures of herself. it was cute! well now that no one is reading this cause is got so boring. i'll ttyl! bye bye

March 13th
holy cow! If i didn't know it was still winter out there, i'd think it was JUNE. I was washing all of our cars today and i thought i might die of heat stroke! goodness. I found yet another dress i LOVE that i could get for prom. it is so pre
tty. here it is. it is the last one on the top line. Hmm lets see... I can't remeber if i told you all but i get to go to Fairfield high's Prom. YAY! i acn't wait. it is gonna be fun. All i need is to actually buy the dress and stuff. well actually i need money first. I think i might want to go to Armijos prom also, but i WANT a date, or else i won't go (because i'll be left out if i don't have one b/c everyone of my friends already do) but i'm not gonna die when i don't get to go. Which remindes me i need to ask for time off from work. i keep forgeting to. Only about a month until my family goes to Arizona. YAY YAY YAY i can't wait. Hmm... my life seems so boring when you put it down on paper. Oh...i forgot last night i had an interesting convo with someone (who will remain nameless) and he asked me if i thought i had already passed THE ONE by. i was thinking umm i don't think so i trust God to not let me pass him by, but he kept insisting that i might hav. Stange. oh well bye!

March 12th
Hey there. Well i went to the mall today to go and look at prom dresses, and i found a really cute one, but i'm not sure if it will get it or not. Next time a go look at it i'll take a picture. i'm gonna keep looking, i'll know the dress when i see it. Anywho... last night Alxe *from work* came to youth group...i think he had fun, but i'm not sure.. i'll ask him next time i see him. My week as been pretty boring. I havn't really done much except i got paid on tuesday, but all the money is already gone *oops* well i'm sorry i haven't bloged much.

March 6th
I have had such an awesome weekend so far! Yeserday right after school Morgan Jayson Albert and i went up to davis to see the Newsboys adoration concert. Albert Jayson and I had general admission so we waited in line for a long time, but we were one of the first people in! So then when we get in there and get our seat we find the comptons and look for the Hightrees, and we see Amanda. Jeremy Camp was the opening, and it was SO cool. I love his music. he played 5 songs and then Rebecca St. James came out and played! WOW. that was so awesome too! i can't even descripe it to you. You just have to see her in concert. Then after a short intermission the NEWSBOYS played! AHH i love them so much. This was the second time i have seen them in concert. I was screaming so much, my voice is kinda weird now. oh well. It was so cool. You HAVE to see the newsboys in concert at least once in your  life, you will be hooked for life. they are just so awesome. Well after the concert we just piled into the car and went home. That was my weekend so far, but it was so far the best weekend ever. Tonight i work from 6:30 til 11 and i have to miss Nick's party (Sorry) and then i work tomorrow andi have to miss my small group. :0( bummer. well

March 2nd
Goodness i feel like i have abandoned you guys cause i haven't really written in a while. Well i have A LOT to write about. First i LOVE work. I got trained on the register tonight, and i really like doing that. I just love it all in general! YAY! Lets see...last friday i went ice skating with my youth group (so much fun) but now i have a HUGE blister on my foot. OWW it hurts so much! Then the next day i went to SF with Albert Tracy Ryan Anthony Kirstin and Jacob and Jason and Ed  (and his daughter) to help a lady move. We thought that she would have all of her stuff packed, but when we got there NONE of it was! AHH Tracy Kirstin and I started bubble wrapping pictures ect., while the boys started moving a whole bunch of stuff out. The lady only moved a block, but i guess rent went down a lot. hmm...that was the weekend and not really much has happened since then, just work and school, and oh now i get to go to a Newsboys concert on Friday! YAY i'm happy. I'm going with Morgie! YAY. well i gotta go!

Febraru 25th
WOW...what a day! it was raining so hard this morning when we went to school, i thought i was gonna have to swim to class. Anywho, the power was also out, s oafter wondering around in the rain before first period we were all forced to sit in an unheated room forever! I was SO cold, i thought i was gona freeze to death! well, we all thought that we were gonna be able to go home after a while of no heat or bells or lights, but apparently the school district REALLy wanted their money, so they wouldn't let us go. Well this made all the student mad, and we started to call our parents to get rides home. So in third period i was cold and wet and extreamly tired so i went down to the annex office to talk to the secretary about how i could leave campus and she handed me her cell phone and says call your mom, and then i'll let you go. SO i get a pass for me and my sisters and Albert (because i'm a nice person) and we all go over to the church along with some other people ane we hang out there until band practice. Then i helped Tracy with the Hume Lake 2004 poster and just hung our somemore. It was all in all a good day. No homework so that was AWESOME. Thanks so much to everyone that signs my guestbook and lets me know what they think! LOVE ya

February 24th
Ever get the feeling that you are always trying to please everyone? i don't know. It just seems like sometimes i have to act a certain way to fit in with FRIENDS! i thought that friends are supposed to accept you for who you are, but sometimes i just feel put out by them, like they don't care at all. Did you know that over half the time people are telling the truth when they say they are joking with you. That makes me wonder because some people say things and then say oh i was j/p, but after it gets said a couple more times, i'm like, well i guess thats what they think of me. And why should i care anyway right...but it hurts...A LOT. i'm so self consious of my self, how i look to people, and what people think of me. I don't know why i am, but i am. Yesterday i walked into a class to give the teacher a pass for a stuent and one of the boys asked me "do you ever eat anything? your so skinny...its gross" GOSH, i don't even know you! i wanted to cry so bad, but what does that get me pitty from people i can't really trust to be honest with me. no thanks, i'd rather not go through all the fake crap with people. Oh i'm so sorry for you, oh thats so sad, yea whatever. Don't say it if you don't mean it! Well... i'm not so sure about this whole dating thing. i'd just like "the one" to show up and be done with all the crushes and everything. Its really quite petty, but i guess that is what our world is. Life, i guess thats how you would phrase it. And it just dosn't make sense to me. I wish someone would just tell me what to do in my life so i didn't have to make decisions i will regret later on. Wow do i sound depressing. you have better things to do than listen t
o me!

February 23rd
I love my small group SO much! NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND! heck yea! BOYS? why is mountain dew so great? i don't understand? i don't make any sense? oh well i guess i'm not ment to understand! any who to Answer Alex's question on why i have to go to Armijos prom even though i don't want to is that I'm taking Amanda (even though i don't exactly remember agreeing) and she dosn't got to our school, and Morgan and and Angie already have dates, so hey lets have Nicole take her! oh well. Whatever. i'd like to take a boy to Prom, oh well. Well i work three days this work week. Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday. Thats cool. only about 8 hours total though. At least its money! Hey anyone know of a Fairfield high boy that needs a date to Prom? i wanna go to their prom! that would be fun. Hmm life is boring...well at least it is right now. i'll let you guys go and sleep somewhere

February 21st
I LoVe my job, granted i havn't realy done much but...it is really fun. All we did today was learn how to make orange juice, lemonaid, carrot juice, wheatgrass, and do dishes but it was fun. We did a little smoothie making and pouring but not much. The first smoothie i poured i spilled all over the counter:0( its okay though. I work tomorrow also from 1:30 til 5 (have to be home in time to make pudding for small group!) then i get my schedual on monday. I'm not even sure when i get paid. i guess i'll figure that out in while. Well next Saturday my youth group is going to help a lady in SF move. I guess she is paying us a LOT of money. if i don't have to work then i'll help, but either way i think i will have fun. Also on Friday i guess my youth group is going ice skating, but i'm not really sure about that. Oh well. i'm so tired! and i already slept from 2 til 5. goodness i guess i'm just used to sleeping in on Saturdays. i'll have to get over that. Maybe i won't have to open on saturdays regularly. Well i want to go to Fairfieds Prom, and i have to go to Armijos now...even though i'm not really into it. oh well.

February 18th
Whew... I'm so tired. I havn't really wanted to wake up for the past couple of days. I really need sleep. Goodness. i got an interesting e-mail today! It was from a girl in Arizona that i have known since she was born. Haylee Fox. Her and her brother where the fist kids i ever babysat. I love them both to death! Their mom and dad let them get e-mail addresses, so now i can talk to them! she is only in the 6th grade, so i can understand her not having an e-mail address until now. I miss everyone in Arizona so much. I miss my best friend even though she has changed so much. It makes me think...what would i be if i stayed there? i think i wouldn't be the person i am now. that is for sure. But i hope i wouldn't be like her. Shows you that God really does know what he is doing. I'm glad we moved out here. I love you all so much and you all have helped me in so many ways! I love the church i go to and all teh people there! i can imagine going anywhere else anymore. Well i have other things to do!


February 16th
WOW. i got up early this morning thinking that i was going to be going up to yuba gap for a snow day with my youth group, however it was raining to much up there so we couldn't go. We decided to stay at the church all day and just hang out since it was a holiday. It was raining hecka hard so we decided to put our snow gear on and go and play in the rain. That turned into playing football in the rain. IT was soo fun! there was a lot of water and everyone was soaked, but it was fun. Then we all went back to the church and changed and just hung out until like 2:30. I think that might have been more fun than actually going to the snow, but i still wanted to go. Lets see...new delema, if i do go to prom i don't know what dress to buy. there are two really pretty ones. the one that i showed ya'll before a
nd a new one. I like them both, but i guess i'll have to decide to go to Prom before i decide on the dress.

February 15th
Some thing as been on my mind for while. How is it that you can be friends with some one forever, then after like one thing happends and you don't talk and you fall out of friendship. Don't worry this isn't to anyone that would be reading thing anyawys, but it is just a wonderment. it has always confused me, but it confuses me even more now. sigh... what a day. I just got back from small group, but this week it was the guys group and our group and then there were just some random people there to. It was fun, but i would have rather just had the normal girls bible study. I like to have time with just us girls. Time were we can be all girly and talk about boys and other things too, because i don't really like to talk about boys all the time. Actually it get quite tirring. Another thing i have always wondered about. Why is it that if you don't a a b/f by a certain age some people give you the look. YOu know what one i'm talking about, the Why, you aren't that ugly someone must want you look. i don't understand. I've gotten the look a lot lately. i don't need a b/f, but some people can't function without one. i don't ever want my life to revolve around some guy. Slap me if it ever comes to that, i'm serious. I don't want my life to be over just because my b/f broke up with me. anywho. I found my favorite verse of all time whilei was reading my one minute bible (you all should get one!) it is 2 timothy 2:22 its awesome. It says... So shun youthful passions and aim at righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call upon the Lord from a pure heart. I love that! it phrases it just as it should be! I've decided i'm not going to date untill College. What is the point of dating before then anyway. I mean you both go somewhere else for college and it dosn't work out (in most cases) so why do that to yourself? i don't undersand. I'm not going to be classified as the girl who dated the entire male population in highschool and never found the one. I think it is pointless. God isn't going to give my the one now, at least i'm pretty sure he isn't. THis dosn't mean i don't want a date for porm, i do, and i have decided that i'll go with almost anyone who asks me. The specific person just is never going to happen, and you know what... i'm ok with that. I've learned a lot from him, and i think that friends is all i really want from him. That all God wants me to have with him, but when i do decided to state dating and start looking for a husband, i want some of his qualities. Well this is long and probably compleatly pointless since most of you don't even sign the guestbook. a big thanks to Megan and Tracy for signing, and letting me know they are there for me! love ya both! Well snow day is tomorrow! you all are going down, except for my girls, we'll just get all the boys lol...see most of ya'll tomor

Fenruary 14th
why is there a day devoted to sending flowers and candy and cards to the person you like/love? I think it is just a holiday for the card/candy/and flower shops. Is it really necessary for you to buy them something if they already know you love them? It never ha dmade any sense to me. oh well. I have to go and get some shoes today so that i can start work next friday! YAY. i can't remember all that i am suposed to bring with me, so i guess i will have to ask Alex and Val. I'm so glad that some of you guys understand what i'm going through! It makes me feel so much better knowing i'm not the only one who feels this way. I can't wait for snow day now because i know i won't be left out! I love you guys! my small group rocks! i love all the people in it, and Shandra is really cool! i can't wait for sunday n

February 13th
hmm...i havn't had a good day. I my sisters and I went over and helped Jason move into his new house, but once we got there, everyone seemed to ignore me. Then when we were moving things people would be like "ha ha can you handle that box it looks a little big for you" ha ha whatever, just because i'm little dosn't mean that i'm not strong, if i can't handle it i wouldn't pick up the box. Gosh, people have just been bugging me so much today, i don't even want to talk to anyone. I had a talk with someone (who will remain unnamed) about me not needing much attention, and i don't think i do, but that dosn't mean that i want to be ignored, i think that person was trying to make their point today by ignoring me. Whatever. That person is making me so mad right now. Its like if we are alone together than we can talk, but if anyone else is around i'm not good enough. I'm sick of not being good enough for my friends. They only choose to talk to me when they want to complain or when they think that i'm upset, but anyother time they don't care. I'm sick of it. Friends are supposed to be there for you all the time not just when they feel like it. I don't even feel like i can tell my friends anything about me anymore becuase we never talk, and then i just feel like i'm complaining to them, which i hate when they do it to me so. Whatever. I think i just need to take some time away from them for a while and get my head straight. All i can say is that i hope that snow day isn't like today or else i'm going to cry. I hate feeling so alone when so many people are ar

February 11th
WOW! There are going to be so many people in my house tonight, but it is going to be so fun! I can't wait to see my old youth pastor and a few other people! i havn't seen them in two years! YAY. I went to Audreys youth group last night and it was...different (oh and Albert went with us, b/c that was his old church) It was pretty fun, and everyone was really welcoming (which i think our youth group needs to work on) and everyone was really into the worship. but, i don't think i would go back there as a regular person. hmmm lets see..our car still won't start, Bummer, but some people are going to try and fix it which will be so cool. I can't wait! and i can't wait to actually start working at Jamba juice! YAY. Well i have decided to not go to prom, mainly b/c i don't have a date. And it is not that i want anyone to ask me, i want one specific person to ask me, but since that will never happen, i figure its not going to be fun going alone. I know that sounds stupid, but all my friends are going as couples and i don't want to be a third wheel or whatever. That would suck. I hate that i'm a third wheel right now, i just try to stay away from them when they are all lovey dovey. And don't get me wrong, i don't even want a boyfiend, i don't need one. I need a better relationshipe with God before anything like that. I only ever want to date the guy i'm going to marry, there is not point to date anyone else. i'd rather just start dating while i'm in college, closer to the time i'm gonna get married. Well there is my life in a nutshell. See most ofyou all tonig

February 9th
Guess what everyone! I got the job at Jamba Juice. I have an orientation the 20th at 4:30! I'm no excited! YAY. i'm so happy. Well...i can't wait to go to snow day! i think it is going to be soo fun! i don't really like the snow, but if i dress warm it guess it will be fine. Well on thursday about 9 people are staying at our house. They are from Northern Arizona University, and they are comming out there to go to some conference. my old youth pastor and another guy from our old church are the leaders, so i can't wait to see them. I love them so much. Well my voice is getting better, but now my throat is really sore! it sucks, and i cough a lot. bummer. well i went to the budget meeting at my church last night. Goodness that was the longest meeting ever. I wansn't even going to go, but Albert asked me to stay, and Kirstin wanted to stay so i figured wht the heck. i din't know what i was getting into. it was like 2 and a half hours of NOTHING. sure it was really important, but it just seemed usless. oh well, i learned my lesson. well i need to go
. bye

February 8th
People are soo mean...Everyone is making fun of my voice and i'm can't do anything about it. It was funny for a while but now it really is just plain mean. Even my family is making fun of me i hate it. I just want to get out of the house, but Heather has to use the car to go to work so i'm stuck! Grr... if my voice isn't better soon i don't think i will be able to go to the snow day thing, which would suck because i really want to go. I have to go to school tomorrow because i have to present a play in my english class. maybe i'll just go home after that. Still no word from Jamba Juice...i guess i'll have to go in and talk to them. I wish they would just call. Its so agrivating! Well i babysat last night...it was ok, but the little kid was so loud! i couldn't get him to be quite! Oh well he had to go to bed at 9 so it wasn't to bad. Well i'm gonna find a way to get out of the house!

February 6th
I HAVE NO VOICE! goodness! my voice got bad last night, but today it was really bad. I went to school because i had some tests, but some of my friends were making fun of me. It was funny at first but after a while it was just mean. I can't help that my voice is like this. Anyways my interview went well yesterday! they said that they would be calling in the next few days to tell me if i got the job or not! 'm so excited. i want that job so much. I need money for so many things. I'm going to the snow day thing with our youth group. I'm not sure how much fun it is gonna be bacause i'm not really into the whole snow thing, but i'm sure it will be crazy, and crazy is usually fun... i hope. well...Heather and my car wouldn't start this morning! Heather had to take my moms car to work today. I hope the car isn't to broken! that would suck! hmmm well that is about it. I hope everyone is having fun looking at all the prom s

February 4th
Everyone has gone PROM crazy. Everywhere i go all i see is PROM, but who can blame us, we all have fallen in love with our dresses and dates (or dream dates as the case may be, like me :0) ) Anywho...I have a second interview with Jamba Jucie tomorrow, so i guess they liked me. I love the manager there. she is soo nice! I really hope i get the job, so keep praying for me PLEASE! Also please sign my guest book so that i know what you all think of my site. hmmm...lets see what is new...Next week, thursday to be exact, some people from Arizona are comming out here and stay one night at our house. When i mean some i mean like 13-15! AHH thats a lot of people! but i'll get to see my old yout pastor and some other people from my old church. I can't wait! It is gonna be so fun. Man we have a full day of school tomorrow. That kinda sucks, but to be honest i don't mind school as much as i used to. IT is acually kinda fun. me and three friends always get carried away with talking in first period, those that the people that know EVERYTHING about my life, i love them (you all know who you are) well thats enough of that, i'm sure you all are falling alseep. SiGn ThE gUeSt BoOk! PlEaSe!

February 3rd
hey there all, i added some jokes to the Lauge page, they are pretty funny, go and look at them now, you can read this later. Well today we got out of school at about 1, so after school Heather, kirstin, Morgan, Albert and I went to In'n out for lunch, and then went to go and hang out with Jason. After that i just sat around the house. I have all my easy classes tomorrow and i don't really want to go but i have to. bummer. WOW guess what...i have an interview with Jamba Juice tomorrow at 2. Pray that i get the job!!! well i'm still changing the picture pages around, so they will be up in a few days. GO sign my guest book! PLEASE!

january 31st
Goodness! so far today i have washed two cars, gone to the store, and umm well nothing else, but i still have the last part of a book to read, and i have to fishing my pre cal homework, study for biology, and just other random things, but i thought i would take a break from all that and work on the page. i'm going to rearrange the picture page, so it may not work for a while, but keep checking it. I'll put a few pictures of the car on there. YAY!! Well, i'm not sure if i should go to Jamba Juice one last time and talk to Keri, or if i should just quit trying. also, i don't know if i should go to the superbowl party tomorrow. i have other things to do, but i might go for a while anyways. well i have found my dress and how i want to do my hair for prom, now all i need is the shoes, and money for everything. I'm going with my friend Amanda uless anyone askes me, but i really want Amanda to come. She is one of the coolest people in the world. anyways. if you want to see the dre
ss go here, and and if you want to see the hairsyle go here. the hair is the the first girl to the left of the screen in the purple dress, it is a small picture but it is totaly cute!

January 29t
h 2004
GRRR ok people! i'm so mad. Why can't family just leave you alone sometime. Maybe i don't want them to know everything! My life is my life and they just want tell me how to live it. especially heather! gosh i go to school with her and then we go practicaly no where without each other. I'm sick of it! i'll be glad when she is in college and i will have a life that isn't shared with someone! and i'm sick of how i never get to drive because heather is older blah blah blah. What Crap i'm a better drvier than she is! she never goes the friggin spped limit anyways! Whatever, Jamba Juice still hasn't called so i'm giving up on it. not like i need insurance on a car i don't get to drive anyway. Well my new favorite phrase: it is better to be silent and thought a fool the to speak and remove all doubt. Somepeople should take that into consideratio

January 26t
h 2004
HAPPY BIRTHDAT KIRSTIN! my little sis if so old! 15 wow. anywho... yesterday God's Kitchen was soo fun, although some people are very mean *cough Albert cough* Don't worry thought revenge will come, maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon, you can count on that. Michelle and i will work something out. Also yesterday Michael/Willis was feeding Albert because Albert "couldn't do it becuase of his rubber gloves." uh-huh they have such a weird relationship! i have some pictures i will put them on, so go and look at them! OMG i might take a ballroom dance class on sundays after church and before my bible study. It is gonna be SOO fun. I hope my parents say that i can take it! OMG i didn't fail biology, but i only passed with a 61% so i reall need to do my work this semester! and study for the tests. I only have a 2.2 which really sucks, so i'm trying for at least a 3.0 next semester! Pray for me! and About Jamba Juice also. Please and thank you. I love going to second service! i love the music and everything. Now that i can drive and everything i might go more often. i hope so. Well i need to write a personal naritive about something that has changed my life, so i think i will just update a few things and then go do t

January 24t
h 2004
Wooo whooo! my daddy bought heather and i a car. It is an 86 volvo, but atleast it is a car! YAY. i'm excited! Are my eyes really that green? i didn't think they were but who knows. today was pretty boring except that Kirstin had Hailey and Michelle over last night and we all stayed up and watched movies until 2 in the morning, then i went to bed and they all talked until 4! then they got up at 8! thats not much sleep! oh well. i might get to go to second service tomorrow! my parents might let me drive there! YAY!!! well anyways i'm going to go!

January 21s
t 2004
I've been a licensed driver for almost a week. It really isn't as fun as you would think. Kinda boring, but i still love it. Well i had finals today, YUCK! i think i failed my biology class, but i can always hope for the best. Still no word from Jamba Juice, but i'm going to go talk to the manager tomorrow before youth group. maybe it wasn't ment to be, but i can always pray for the best there also. Tomorrow is going to be boring...again. I have an hour and a half of a TA period for the office, AP Pre Cal, and then Theater. i hate finals. do they really think that making us take three tests a day is going to give us the best grade in the class? I think not. anywho. have you all listened to Josh Groban? If not you should he rocks. he has a beautiful voice. well everyone pray for me and the job at Jamba Juice, and to keep me save while i continue to drive, and just patience in general with friends and family and stuff. love you

January 16t
h 2004
YAY!!!! I passed the Drivers test. i am now a licensed driver! i'm so excited. Now all i need is a job and a prom date and i would be the happiest girl in the world. I figure it this way though...all my friends already have dates so it would suck going alone, and since it is my junior year i really don't need to go at all, so i guess i will only go if i have a date, so if a few of my friends decide to go with just us girls, but whatever it really isn't a big deal. I'll have next year! Anywho... Eveybody left to Hume today. Albert was the only one from Armijo that went to school. Yep the rest of ya are losers(that go to Armijo of course) i hope you all have fun. Well i'm going to be adding some more jokes to the laugh page in the next couple of days, so make sure to go and see them. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign my guest book. Lots of

Janueary 14t
h 2004
*Yawn* gosh i'm so tired! i just can't seem to sleep well lately. Ever since i was sick on monday my back has hurt a lot, so it makes it hard to sleep. Then on top of that my ribs have been hurting to for some unknown reason, but i'm sure it will all be better after a while. Anywho...I have my drivers test tomorrow. i'm so nervous! i hope i pass. Everyone pray that i do! well everyone is going off to Hume Lake this weekend. Eveyone keeps asking me why i'm not going and it is for several reasons...one being i really don't like snow, other reasons to but i don't wanna talk about that. Everyone just pray for my drivers test and for me getting a job at Jamba Juice. Tha

January 12t
h 2004
YAY i'm so excited! I turned in an aplication to Jamba Juice yesterday and one of my friends says that i have a good chance of getting the job! That would be really cool because i need money for a car and inssurance. I was sick today though, and that kinda sucked but i did get to sleep 14 hours so it wasn't half bad. Well Heathers birthday was yesterday so we went to Red Lobster, but i don't eat meat or sea food, so i had these nacho things that were kinda gross. Then we came home and the Twins (Alex and VAlerie) came over to hang out. Then i went to small group which was pretty cool except for i started to feel bad. i had a head ache and my throat really hurt but it was still fun. Shandera was talking about how she can do prom hairstyles and stuff, so if i do decide to go to prom (or i get a date) then i'm gonna ask her to do my hair and makeup. That would be cool! I don't think i will go this year, but it dosn't really matter. I'm only a junior anyway. Well as soon as i get a job i'm going to start saving money to get a car. i want a Kia Rio in red. I think they are really cute c

January 10t
h 2004
Who knew that there was so much information on the civil war! i've been working on a report for just about 12 STRAIGHT! my friend Courtney and I have already writen on the basics of the war, the women, the generals, the major battles, and the black soldiers. And we still have hecka to go. Considering we alreeady have about 13 pages i sure hope we get and A. i really need it i have a B- in the class. I'm on such an emotional roller coaster right now. I'm so happy sometimes, but when i'm around certain people i just feel like crap, like i'm not good enough and stuff like that. i'm not even sure why, well not possitive why, but i have an idea. Anywho...eveyone is going off to Hume this weekend except for me and some other poeople. I'm not really a snow person and would be much happier here at home...where it is warm. i'm going to go to the summer trips though...i hope...if i have the money. I still need a job, but i'm gonna start turning in a lot of applications once i get my license *THURSDAY*. well i think that is it. Talk to you all later! Oh yea everyone PLEASE sign my guest book! Th

January 9t
h 2004
Hey all... Well i've added more pictures to the picture page, not many, but there are more there. Heather's Birthday is on Sunday YAY she'll be 18! wow! Anywho... i need a job, but i'm going to wait until after i have my license to start applying at a bunch of places. i really want to work at Jamba Juice, i've wanted to work there since i first knew that it was open. Well it looks like my family is going to arizona for sure over Spring break. That is so Awesome! i really miss my friends out there(you all are Awesome here though). I can't wait. Oh and Armijo's Prom in on April 24th. i doubt if i'm going to be going, unless it is just with girl friends, but i'm sure they will all have dates. Who cares there is always next year. Well if i do go i already have my dress picked out it is really cute. it is at http://www.nydressco.com/detail.php?id=581&from=68&view=1
if you want to see it. I think it is awesome. i just don't really like the back of it too much. Hmmm... oh i put some jokes under the laugh section so go and look there. other than that if i awes

January 6t
h 2004
Just a little update. Today my parents to us that we might get to go back to Arizona for Spring break. That would be really cool since i havn't gotten to see my friends in three years, and I havn't gotten to see the newest member of our family. That would be so cool, and since we are driving and taking both cars i will prolly get to drive some of the way. That makes me ha

January 5t
h 2004
NOOO...we had to go back to school today! It wasn't to bad, but i really wish i could have slept in longer. 6am is WAY to early. Anyways my day was pretty good. It was so cold! second period i thought my hands were gonna fall off (i'm the office TA then). The only bad this is that i have a 30 page report due next friday! AHH well it is with two other people so it shouldn't be to bad. And Heather took me to cold stone when she went to get her schedual and she bought be ice cream. IT was yummy! Thanks sis! other than that nothing is new. Oh if you need to read a book for school and don't know what to read i suggest the Phantom of the Opera by Susan Kay. It is about 500 pages and it is SOO good. It only took me about a week so it was very interesting. Well i'm going to continue to update stuff. I'm adding a joke page under Laugh. And under Identity is the about me page, Friends, is the picture page, and Enjoy is the links page. if you have anysuggestions about what else i should addd tell me in the guestbook. TH

January 3r
d 2004
New day new things. Well yesterday afternoon i went to see Cheaper by the dozen with Audrey. It was a really cute movie. Then today i went to go see Somthings gotta give with Kelie, Angie and Morgie. Oh sure more people were suposed to go but through the stupid game of phone tag, and "I still don't have a ride can your sister take me" it turned out to be just us four. And that might not have even happened. Have you ever gotten the feeling that one person in your group may be a little more important to the rest of the group? Well that is how it is here. If the right person dosn't go, it might as well be off because then no one else really wants to go. Ah well its life. And then the whole boy situation. Just becuase all girls went to the movie dosn't mean i want to hear about boys the whole time. I mean i don't have a b/f and don't want a b/f. there is not one guy at the moment that i can think of that i would even want to go out with but still the main topic of convo tonight...boys! GRRR SO many people think they have me figured out. They think that they know the reasons for the things i do, but the truth is sometimes even my closest friends dosn't understand

N         I         C         O         L         E
R I G H T    N O W
Date: July 26th 2004
Wearing: blue shorts, black top
: Tv
Eating: nothign
Drinking: nothing
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