Nicholas Carter Weatherby

His name was Nick Weatherby, and yes, that would be of “THE” Weatherbys of Boston. “ The” Weatherbys , who for generations were considered the crème de la crème of Boston high society, rich, influential, bastians of the community. “The” Weatherbys of Weatherby Shipping International, Weatherby Coastal Airlines, Weatherby Resorts, and Weatherby Media Inc. “The Weatherbys of Boston whose family members sat on the boards of directors for hospitals, and who generously donated millions to worthwhile charities. “The” Weatherbys of Boston who never knew what it was like to be born without the proverbial silver spoon in mouth.

It hadn’t always been that way for Nick. He’d been born Nicholas Carter, and he’d been fed with one of the rubber coated baby spoons by Playtex that you pick up at the super market or corner drugstore. He’d never so much as heard the name Weatherby, until at the age of two, he’d found himself left on the doorstep of their mansion, a little note attached to the handle of the stroller he’d been strapped into. The note didn’t explain much….but what it did explain changed Nick’s life, and the lives of “The” Weatherbys” of Boston.

Meet your son, Nicholas.I can't do this anymore.

While the note and the toddler attached seemed to cause quite a stir, Jonathan, (Jonathan B. Weatherby III, head of “The” Weathebys of Boston at the time) quietly took the arrival of his son in stride and into his home. His wife Emily, who was expecting their third child at the time, protested, cried and begged him to have paternity tests done. He refused, saying he knew the child was his. He admitted to Emily that he’d had an affair with Rene’ Clark, that he knew she’d gotten pregnant, and that she’d refused all offers of help, including his offer to adopt the child and raise it. Emily protested further by moving out of the conjugal bed into a separate bedroom. After the birth of Sara, their third child, there were no more children, and the marriage privately ended, though publically the Weatherbys painted a picture of wedded bliss.

Shortly before his third birthday, Nick found himself with a new name, Nicholas Carter Weatherby. Legally adopted he found himself with a father, a rather cold and distant mother, an older by 2 years brother Jonathan B. Weatherby IV called J.B. for short, a sister, Elizabeth who surprisingly was only a month older than him, (which could have been one of the reasons Emily protested so strongly), and sister Sarah who was 15 months younger than him.

To give credit where credit was due, he had to admit that the old man, as he called Jonathan, was more than fair. Jonathan treated Nick no differently than any of the others. Nick was Jonathan’s son, and he treated him as such. It wasn’t until Nick’s teen years that Nick realized why his mother Emily treated him so coldly. She wasn’t really his mother. He suddenly understood that reason JB treated him with disdain was because JB felt his position as first son and all that entailed was threatened by Nick. He understood that Liz might feel a bit upset that her father had been out another woman while her mother was pregnant with her. And Sara, well Sara just played follow the leader with Liz. He understood why, though the old man seemed to love and accept him, he was considered an outsider by the others. He understood their resentment that like them, he was given a college education, that he was groomed to take a place in “The” Weatherby family business as they were.

He understood that all the resentments of their childhoods followed them into adulthood to the point that when he joined them in the family business complete with his degree in Business Management, his natural talent for seeing a good deal and his natural affinity to deal with business associates, they road blocked and stonewalled every decision and vote his equal shares in the company brought him. If he suggested a merger, they voted against it. If he recommended a sellout, it was a sure bet the company was kept, whether the vote cost them millions or not. If he said white, they voted black. It was always a 3 to 1 majority rule.

He more than appreciated the fact that Jonathan had set his will up in such a way that there was no way Nick would lose out. He’d covered all the bases, making sure that Nick would always have an equal share in the business. He’d made sure there was no way the other three could buy him out. What Jonathan couldn’t have known was that when he did pass away suddenly of a heart attack, three of his children would offer to pay Nick not to come to work. He hadn’t known that JB, Liz, and Sara would give up some of their own fortunes simply to keep Nick out of the loop. He should have known that Nick would accept the deal which would explain why at the age of 41 Nick considered himself “retired”, collected a family funded “pension”, and travelled the world doing what he wanted when he wanted while his interest in the family business compounded annually by leaps and bounds in his bank account. Yes, Jonathan would have guessed that despite the family freeze out, Nick would gain while he bided his time waiting for the proverbial spring thaw.

And what better to place to wait than an island where the sun was always shining, the bar always open, and the women always beautiful and willing.

Birthdate: January 13, 1966
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue/Green
Height: 5’10 ½”

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