Hi..!! Let me tell you something about myself. I like to drink. Sometimes I eat. Often times I even sleep! And then in between all of those, I'll need to go to visit the bathroom. Most of the time I do all of those, practically everyday! And sometimes I do things with other people. I used to work, but now I go to school.  My favorite colours are a little bit of black, some white and red..

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My hobbies and interests include kicking a ball, talking with my computer, visitting my grandpa in Mars, fighting with girls, having fun with my enemy, slapping someone i hate, arguing with someone i dunno.. and.... thinking...
My best friend is King. My girlfriend is Queen. They're the best. My closest School friends are Prince, Princess, Baron and Bishop. I always make fool with them... Anyway I love them.
I have a fat mom, a tall dad, and two little sisters. Both of them are younger and smaller than I am. I'm also the only moon. I also have some  relatives in live Pluto and Mars.

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