In US, it is AT WILL EMPLOYMENT, NEVER THINK YOU ARE BOUND WITH BOND Like in India. You can always leave the job if you are having Health problem or Unsatisfactory Management or Job, There are many reasons. But, no one can hold some one and ask money like you mentioned in a Employment contracts.

You get great answers for your H1B question at this USCIS Link(INS). Some may be surprising. There are very important points , don't miss them.

AS I Said, this Guy never answer to any question , like why he is cheating and or stealing.( If that is some thing mental problem, we can forgive him.)

Why don't this guy go to Court.?? if he is doing a honest business?

Amazing is this postings really huting his Biz. I heard last year he and his team sold around $900,000/- Labor. And more and more will come out soon. Complete court hearings will be given to you all.

[ yes , yes , including mine see, he stole $50,000 from me, He still making money with the consultants I joined, He used my profile to get a Labor and got approved and sold .. and see what I'm going through. ]

See his communication, all he is saying is you have to pay him $$,$$$ to process what ever it is and go with him only.

For God sake, any one have thought about that, just pm me, I'll help you with a 'Professonal and reasonably decent companies"

I DON'T KNOW HOW HE IS DOING THE MISTAKES AGAIN AND AGAIN KNOWING a big Mess is on his way. Oh,, I know why,, some people can not change the practice ..


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