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Thank you for coming to see Dante the chinese water dragon online. Here, we hope to teach you a little about Chinese Water Dragons and other reptiles and pets. Inside you will find links to many other sites that deal with Herps, Lizards, Amphibians, etc. You will also learn about Lizard care, breeding, feeding, and anything else you could ever want to know about our (usually) green friends. If you have any questions, they can be directed towards Nick at [email protected]. But for now, enter by clicking on one of the two buttons above, and enjoy your visit.

Remember, pet chinese water dragons are very friendly. They are starting to become much more popular than other pet lizards due to the fact that they are similar to iguana's in size and look, but don't get as aggressive as iguanas do when they get older. Even though they eat Crickets, mealworms, and waxworms (live food), they are very tame and gentle water loving reptiles. Be sure to keep an open mind about lizards when you read this site, you may be surprised at how cute a baby water dragon can be.
But enough talk. Enter now and prepare to be amazed by Dante, our pet chinese water dragon.

As well as Dante, we now have two Sudan plated Lizards. The Sudan plated lizards and native to Africa, and this pair was already 2 years old when we bought them. The are very friendly and never bite people. We haven't let them play with Dante yet, but maybe in the future. Back to the Top

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