~ Musical Background ~
    I first got involved with music at 12 when I learned guitar's basics from my older brother. I then started playing derbuka (doumbek) after a trip to Morocco where I got to hear belly dancing music. A year later, I got my first drumset. I moved to New York in '95, and two years later, while in high school, my buddies and I formed a band called Laughing Amigos. It was interesting because all of us came from pretty different musical background. Rully, the guitarist, was (and always will be) influenced by metal and hardcore, Egar, the vocalist, by hardcore and hip-hop, Adrian, the bassist, by acid jazz and blues, and I, by then, was starting to grow out of rock and was more interested by reggae and funky stuff. We played several shows in various rock clubs: Castle Heights, the Voodoo Lounge, the Spiral Lounge, etc. The band came to an end in late 2000 when the bassist decided to go back to his homeland, Indonesia. We tried several other bass players, but writing songs without Adrian was impossible. By then we had recorded an eight song LP with producer Don Fury.
    Although the band's been over, we still help each other out with our different musical projects. Rully recorded some guitar tracks for me, and Egar some vocal tracks. Download "
I" to hear Egar rapping on my music, and "Tarifa" to hear Rully doing some arabic chanting.
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