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This page informs you of what has been recently updating and what things are new on the site. Aswell as that it also provides and insight into how the site was developed and how it has changed over time.
This site was created on:
20th March 2002
Wed 20 Mar 2002 
The creation of a new website is underway and is soon to be up and running fully within the next 10 days (20/3/2). Ideas for the lay out of the site are being processed and rendered good bad or just ugly. Major developments will be the addition of music via mp3.com who provide a place to store and playback music. Scanner software is to be upgraded to allow for images to be uploaded and used to be added to the site. These cowboys wont be here for long.
Tue 26 Mar 2002 
Software for scanning pictures and changing the format of .au to .mp3 is being undertaken. New pages have been started and will be linked to soon!
Wed 27 Mar 2002 
The scanner is now up and operational and pictures have been added, all needed to do now is to sort out the music files that will be hosted on mp3.com. A shorter URL has been acquired thanks to CJB.NET who re-direct straigh to the long geocities domain via a shorter URL direction link. Plus its all free :) The career CV page is finished!
Wed 17 Apr 2002  
Nearly all Images have been uploaded onto the web building software. All songs have been provisionally uploaded to MP3.com and are now awaiting for final touches such as covers for the songs and lyrics. The newspapes page shall be finished very soon and the gallery page may also be up soon.
Thu 18 Apr 2002
Due to some of the scanned in images being viewed the sita has exceeded its data transfer for the month. So how long it will be down for I dont know :( The Good news is that with the ISDN connection at college the papers page has all the files linked on. But it's not quite finished yet. Looks like I will have to see about re-sizing the images that have been scanned in. Site is down 4 1 hour!
Fri 19 Apr 2002  
Site is back up and running after being taken of for an hour for taking up too much bandwidth. In the newspapers page has been finished and work will commence on the music page and the CV page has also been updated.
E-mail is active
First site design
Tue 14 May 2002  
Site has been given a complete re-design to make it look a bit more profrssional. Have had to take the press cutting off as they used up all the avialable space and I couldnt create any more pages or update anything so they have been taken off. I think I will need a second site just for the clippings as the file sizes are so big.
Sun 21 July 2002  
The broken links on the press clippings page have been taken off. I have been unable to load the clippings for some reason but I am still trying. Had a lot of work on so havent had chance to update the site. I have added a guestbook today however so viewers can leave their opinions.
Thu 25 July 2002  
Two new songs added onto the music page with the possibilty of a new album release on the horizon.
Sun 4 August 2002  
The press clipings page has been updated and most of the articles have links to their own page so that you can view the article. A music page has had to be changed due to me doing a wrong credit for one of the songs but it has now been resolved.
Sun 11 August 2002  
The gallery page is now up and active with pictures from Nick's photoshoots.
Sun 1 September 2002  
New page created promoting the new single soon to be released. The single if you didn't already know is "Blow My Mind" and it is releaed on the 25th of September. New additions to the site are the cover for the song added to the songs page. Cherche les femmes cover added on. Index page re-sized to 800x600 to make it easier for people on 15" to see the site. However if you still have trouble trying setting your desktop to 1024x740 in order to get better viewing quality.
Tue 3 September 2002  
Vinyl's of the singles that Nick released are now on the site. Nearly all articles links are up. New picture added to the gallery too!
Tue 3 September 2002  
Three new song pages added. "Because your mine", "Femme Fatale" and "Goodbye" go to the music page to view them
Tue 24 September 2002  
Seven new song pages added, "Happiness is me and you", "I belong beside you", "Isabel I can tell", "Isabella Way", "Love me tonight", "One piece of land", "Sunday comes quickly". Two new pictures on the gallery page. Two new albums added to the music page.
Tue 12 November 2002  
2 new press clippings added and Career CV updated.
Guestbook Archive One
Guestbook Archives
This is where you can view all the old guestbook posts. Due to Geocities only allowing a certain number of posts the guestbook has to be emptied and then the posts archived. So if you want to know what people have said before then take a look below or view the current Guestbook.
Tue 4 February 2003  
*Addition of a Guestbook archive section on this page due to the guestbook becoming full.
*CV page Updated (Nov-Feb now on)
*Music page edited
*New single pages
*New A-Z page on the music page
*Index edited, links to BBC Radio 2 website and also Stu Stevens website
*New photos in the Gallery
*Counter and Site stats added to index. Click on Bar Chart to access stats
Sat 22 March 2003  
Elton John Concert Ticket added onto Gallery page
Sun 27 March 2003  
Links page added
Fri 5 September 2003  
Updated CV page
Updated News Paper Articles Page
New News paper article page "Rocking in Europe"
Updated links Page
General Site Maintainance
Tuesday 6th January 2004
New Page added - Nick Turner- Singer songwriter
You Me and him poster added to band page
Saturday 17th January 2004
Gig guide added and updated
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