Nick's Resume

Name:                        Nicholas B. Russell

Born:                          25 June, 1979 @ Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia

Qualifications:             Associate Diploma of Music, Australia (French Horn)

                                  Diploma in Information Technology (Network Engineering)

                                  Advanced Diploma in Information Technology (e-security)

                                  Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA)

Other Achievements:   8th Grade Violin (Australian Music Examinations Board)

                                   6th Grade Musicianship (Australian Music Examinations Board)

                                   5th Grade Piano (Australian Music Examinations Board)

                                   1996 NSW Computer Studies Competition (Distinction)

                                   1997 Full College Prefect of Newington College

                                   1997 Runner-up Newington College Open Judo Tournament

                                   Winner of Music Scholarships to Knox, Cranbrook & Newington secondary schools (accepted Newington)

                                    Member of SBS Radio & Television Youth Orchestra, 1997-2000 touring Russia, Estonia, Finland & Japan

Education:                    1985 - 1987:    Kindergarten to Year 2 @ Castlecrag Infants' School

                                    1988 - 1991:    Year 3 to Year 6 @ Newington College Preparatory School, Lindfield

                                    1992 - 1997:    Year 7 to Year 12 @ Newington College Senior School, Stanmore

                                    1998:                Began Bachelor of Science at the University of Sydney (Incomplete)

                                    1999 - 2000:    Studied Diploma in Information Technology (Analyst / Programmer) at North Sydney TAFE (incomplete)

                                    2000 - 2001:    Studied Diploma in Information Technology (Network Engineering) at North Sydney TAFE

                                    2003:                Studied Advanced Diploma in Information Technology (e-security) at North Sydney TAFE

                                    1990 - 1991:    Kumon Mathematics course

Work Experience:        1997 - 2001:     Employed permanent part-time at Dick Smith Electronics

                                    2002:                Employed by InTec1 (part of the IA Group) as the sole in-house IT support engineer for Australia     

                                                             (supporting 3 local offices and 6 regional offices)

                                    2003 -       p;        Employed by Harbour IT as a technical engineer.


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