Act I Quests
Quest 1

Den Of Evil
Reward 1 Skill point
Given by Akara
What Kill all creatures in the Den of Evil
Where Blood Moor area
Hint Just make sure everyone is dead


Quest 2

Sister's Burial Grounds
Reward a free hired guy
Given by Kashya
What Kill Blood Raven
Where Burial Grounds area (next to Cold Plains)
Hint Ignore the minions and head directly to kill Blood Raven


Quest 3
Search for Cain
Reward Free Identify from Cain
Given by Akara
What Find Cain in Tristram
Where Find the Cairn Stones in Stony Field (next to Cold Plains), pass the Underground passage, go to Dark Woods and find the Infuss tree. Get the scroll and return to Akara. Then go to the Cairn Stones in Stony Field.
Hint Tristram is much harder than the other areas so be prepeared for a tough fight there.


Quest 4

Forgotten Tower
Reward Money/Loot
Given by Moldy Tome in Stony Field
What Kill the Countess
Where Find the Forgotten Tower in the Black Marsh (next to Dark Woods)
Hint On each level of the dungeon expect a boss; the Countess is a magic user so get close and personal


Quest 5

Tools of the Trade
Reward Rare item of choice - imbued by Charsi
Given by Charsi
What Get the Horadric Malus
Where The Barracks (in the Monastery, next to the Outer Cloister)
Hint The Smith who guards the Malus is very fast and deadly for magic users - expect him and prepare some cold spells to slow him down.

Advice: wait with the imbuing till you get better items (Act III/IV)



Quest 6

Sister's to the Slaughter
Reward Go to Act II
Given by Akara/Kashya
What Kill Andariel
Where Catacombs - Level 4
Hint Avoid her poison attacks (pump up poiston resistance and get antidotes). Make a town portal and use a hit-and-run tactic.


Act II Quests

Quest 1

Radaments Lair
Reward 1 Skill point / 10% Reduction in prices
Given by Atama
What Kill Radament
Where Lut Golein Sewers - level 3
Hint Make sure you kill him fast or he'll raise his dead minions infinitely


Quest 2

Horadric Staff
Reward Access to Tal Rasha's Tomb
Given by Cain (when you give him the Horadric Scroll from Quest 1)
What Find the parts of the Horadric Staff and join them
Where Horadric Cube - Halls of the Dead (level 3) in the Dry Hills
Shaft - Maggot's Queen Lair in Far Oasis (next to Dry Hills)
Headpiece - Claw Viper Temple in Valley of the Serpernts (next to the Lost City)
Hint Kill the Maggot Queen quickly - otherwise you can get stuck by tens of maggot youngs barring your way.


Quest 3

Tainted Sun
Reward -
Given by Atama
What Kill the Claw Vipers blocking the sun
Where Claw Viper Temple in Valley of the Serpernts (next to the Lost City)
Hint Completing Quest 2 will complete this one too.


Quest 4

Arcane Sanctuary
Reward -
Given by Cain / Jerhyn
What Kill the Summoner
Where Arcane Sanctuary (use portal at Palace Cellar - level 2)
Hint See below


Quest 5

The Summoner
Reward Access to Canyon of the Magi
Given by Cain / Jerhyn
What Kill the Summoner
Where Arcane Sanctuary (use portal at Palace Cellar - level 2)
Hint The Summoner has nasty ranged spells and lots of minions so pump up your fire resistance. Either get close and personal so he cant' attack you from a distance or get some good ranged attack.


Quest 6

Tal Rasha's Tomb
Reward Go to Act III
Given by Cain
What Kill Duriel
Where Tal Rasha's Tomb in the Canyon of the Magi
Hint Hate this guy!!! Once you get inside, there's no way out so put a town portal in the room prior to this. Duriel delivers tons of damage so get a hireling and pump up your defense rating. Anything cold is a plus since it will slow him down.


Act III Quests


Quest 1
Jade Figurine
Reward +20 health permanently
Given by Random NPC monster
What Trade the figurine for a potion
Where anywhere in Spider Forest
Hint A random boss monster in the Spider Forest in drop you the figurine so scour the whole area


Quest 2
Blade of the Old Religion
Reward A random ring
Given by Ormus/Hratli
What Find the Gidbim blade
Where Flayer Village in the Flayer Jungle (next to the Spider Forest)
Hint Just kill the boss there and he'll drop the Gidbim.


Quest 3
Khalim's Will
Reward Access to Mephisto
Given by Cain
What Find the four parts of the Khalim's Will
Where Eye - Spider Cavern, within the Spider Forest
Brain - Flayer Dungeon in the Flayer Jungle
Heart - Sewers under the Kurast Bazaar
Flail - Killing the main council member. The council is found in Travincal
Hint Find the way to Kurast by exploring the Flayer Jungle thoroughly. Tons of bosses to kill in this main quest. The Concil members are toughest - always bring a cold mage as hireling - he'll freeze them and turn them to sitting ducks.


Quest 4
Lam Esen's Tome
Reward 5 Attribute Points
Given by Alkor
What Find the tome in some of Kurast's Temples
Where Any of the 6 temples in all Kurast areas
Hint You do need to scour all temples in Kurast - if you're lucky you can get it in the first one :-)


Quest 5
Blackened Temple
Reward -
Given by Cain
What Kill the Council members
Where Travincal
Hint Finishing Quest 3 will complete this one too - if you have killed all the council members. Just return and talk to Cain.


Quest 6
The Guardian
Reward Go to Act IV
Given by Cain
What Destroy the compelling orb and kill Mephisto
Where Durance of Hate - level 3 (in Travincal)
Hint Make sure you get the waypoint at level 2. Once you enter level 3, you need to hit-and-run until you clear all the Ghoul Lords and the Council members. Make sure all is cleared when you face Mephisto. He is rather slow so hit and run repeatedly. Easy prey!


Act IV Quests

Quest 1
Fallen Angel
Reward +2 Skill points
Given by Tyrael and Cain
What Kill Izual
Where anywhere in Plains of Despair (next to Outer Steppes)
Hint Izual has cold attacks so pump up cold resistance and get items that will not allow him to freeze you.


Quest 2
Hell's Forge
Reward Flawless & perfect gems
Given by Cain
What Destroy Mephisto's Soulstone at the Hell's Forge
Where River of Flame (next to the City of the Dammed)
Hint You need to kill Mephasto to get the Hellforge hammer. He is extra fast and delivers a lot of damage so pump up defense and speed because you will need to "hit-and-run" this guy.


Quest 3
Terror's End
Reward Unspeakable
Given by Tyrael
What Kill Diablo (again)
Where Chaos Sanctuary (next to River of Flame)
Hint Be careful when you open the seals - three of them will spawn bosses that will block your way. Once you kill the last one, Diablo will appear. He's fast and has a variety of fire spells but the meaniest is his breath which will kill you instantly if you are too close. When he start opening his mouth - run like hell. Then, return to finish him off.
Once you kill him, you have only 90 seconds till the game ends.


Act V Quest

Quest 1
Siege On Harrogath
Reward N/A
Given by Larzuk or Enter siege area
What bring the infernal catapults to a halt
Where N/A
Hint If you Reach the wood bridge to the Frigid Highlands you have gone too far. Search the Bloody Foothills for a special area surrounded by many minions.


Quest 1
Rescue on Mount Arreat
Reward N/A
Given by Larzuk or Enter siege area
What Bring Qual-Kehk's soldiers to Harrogath
Where N/A
Hint Search the many fortress areas for special areas on the Automap. They will appear in white. Knock the doors down to release the Barbarians.


Quest 1
Prison of Ice
Reward N/A
Given by Malah or get within range of Anya in the Ice Caves.
What Find Anya and bring her back to Harrogath
Where N/A
Hint Find and search the Frozen River.


Quest 1
Betrayal of Harrogath
Reward N/A
Given by by Anya
What Kill Baal from destroying everything we have fought for aeons to protect.
Where N/A
Hint Find the Halls of Vaught.


Quest 1
Rite of Passage
Reward N/A
Given by Qual-Kehk or reach the top of the mountain
What N/A
Where N/A
Hint You must destroy all 3 Ancients without leaving the area. If you leave they will be reset. You cannot get credit for this quest unless your Character Level is greater than or equal to 20 * difficulty level. Where the difficulty level is one for normal, two for nightmare and three for hell mode.


Quest 1
Eve of Destruction
Reward N/A
Given by the Ancients
What Defeat Baal.
Where N/A
Hint Find the Throne of Destruction. Defeat all Monsters in Baal's Throne Room. Then enter the Worldstone Chamber and defeat Baal.
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