A prominent member of the "Eco-tribe", Pride is shy, reserved and polite. He lives by the code of conduct, means no harm to others and an affinity with nature. But if necessary Pride will take action and be forthright without hesitation to defend what he feels is right. Is his future in the city or back in the countryside? He has deep feelings for Amber- but might he settle down with someone else?
Nick Miller
Full Name: Nicholas Barry Miller
Born: 29th August 1980, New Zealand

Nick has acting experience in a range of media.

he has a variety of stage experiences including roles in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Summer Shakespeare, Arcadia and many school productions.

Nick has made appearances on Shortland Street as Sean Kearney (Fergus's Brother), Street Legal and Jacksons Wharf.

The Tribe Series 3 was his first CORE cast role.

Nick loves DJing and wants to be one.
He enjoys singing, canoeing, skydiving, swimming, rock climbing.

His ideal girl: "Someone who doesn't care if guys are checking her out. some one who likes music even when i'm playing it!"

So Girls Get in line behind me coz this boy is SINGLE!
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