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Pros to paron den exei kai polla....alla sto mellon DEN tha exei kai polla perissotera! Prwto update meta apo 3 xronia!!! :p

Game Maker stuff 

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  Matrix Squared

Matrix Squared (3.6 Mb)

This is an action platform game I made. Use your special abilities and weapons to defeat the enemies in each level!

It's fun and challenging with many levels and secrets! 


Tickball 1.5.8  (2.3 Mb)

(more screenshots)

Originally made by Jan De Bruyn, I've added many new features to this excellent football / billiard / air hockey hybrid game.

It is one of the best two-player games you can play! Try it out!

It's continuously in development, so if you have suggestions / comments / ideas etc. just email me at nickliff [ a t ] hotmail [ d o t ] com

Have fun!

Quake III Arena Maps

The Pit (129 Kb) - Mayhem in an endless pit!

Can you survive the deadly traps of the mazes and find the end?

Maze #1 (104 Kb)
Maze #2 (232 Kb)
Maze #3 (386 Kb)



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