Nick's Bio
Born on January 28th, 1980 Nick was the first child of Jane and Bob Carter
He was born in Jamestown, New York but soon his family moved to Tampa, Florida.
Luckily for Nick this wasn't far away from the entertainment center Orlando. Nick's mother was the first one to discover her son's talent in singing when he sang her favorite song "Bridge over troubled water" in their Florida backyard.
Nick always showed interest in music and entertaining, even in his diapers when his parents owned the "Yankee Rebel" a night club in Jamestown.  Later he would be seen everywhere somebody had a camera and soon after his backyard performance he started getting singing lessons.
He also was interested in acting so he played a part in "the Phantom of the Opera" in 4th grade, did commercials for the Florida lottery and other minor acting jobs like his mini appearance in "Edward Scissorhands" or a video for the public library.
When he was 12 years old he tried to get a singing deal with a new group formed by Lou Perlman, which would later be the Backstreet Boys and make him famous.
When with Brian the last Backstreet Boy was in 1993 a long period of touring schools and malls began. After touring around without any success the boys(Nick, AJ, Howie,Kevin and Brian) went to Sweden to record some songs with songwriter Max Martin.
They got a record deal wth Jive Records in 1995 and their single "we've got it going on" was released in the USA but without much success.
When the single was released in Germany in November of 1995 the boys finally got the success they deseved.With the release of "Quit playing games with my heart" in the USA in 1997 their career finally took off in their homecountry.
The second European album was released and the first album in the US (a mix of the two european cds) hit the stores.
The Backstreet Boys had become a world wide best seller and were able to tour the world many times.
As they had always had trouble with their management, Lou Perlman, Donna and Johnny White they fired their management and got a new deal with "The Firm" in Los Angeles.
Their next albums "Millennium" (1999) and "Black and Blue" (2000) became top sellers so did their Greatest Hits album "Chapter 1" in 2001.
The boys celebrated their album release of "Black and Blue" with a 100 hour world tour, which brought them to 6 continents in 100 hours.
Nick collaborated with his brother Aaron a few times, who also has a singing career. 
In 2002 Nick finally went new ways with the release of his first solo record "Now or Never".
Fans all over the world are now desperately waiting for a new Backstreet Boys record. The boys haven't decided on a date or title or anything else yet. They are at different points in their lives right now, as Kevin said. 
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