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Study in Pearl Hill Primary School. During that time it was the highest school in Singapore and back then we had two big lifts up to the ten floors. I was timid and shy so never had much friends. I could recollect once my father came to my classroom as the request of my form teacher. Never know what's wrong then. I never had fond memories of my primary school. Oh yeah, one of the things I hate is going to the school dentists. That was really the fear factor.

Like a brink of an eye came my
secondary school. It was only in sec 3 I began to learn Hokkien. It was there I got into fights, learn to swear, playing truant.....& etc. Mingle with Ah Beng, becomes Ah Beng. There a big holes in the fences near the tuckshop and we would escape to the outside world during breaks. The discipline master will hunts us down. A chase will then begin. It just likes the amazing race.

I distinctly remembered that I failed my mid-exam in my sec 3. English & Science were the only subjects I have passed. Math, Chinese & Art were all in
reds. Criteria for passing is, one must pass English & 2 other subjects.
Had to decide one the the failed subject to study real hard and I opt for Math
I have never pass Math from primary till then. No basis in Mathematic whatsoever. It was a challenge indeed.
In the final exam, I actually got the 3rd highest for Math paper in my class.
That's where my self-confident grew
: Never try, never know.

After my 'O' level, I went to
Singapore Technical Institude to study my electrical engineering. Boring is all I can says. I spend nine months there before dropping out of the course. I realized wires/sockets and me can never be best friends.

I went into NS in Jan 91 and ORD in 93. It was the longest 2 years I ever had in my life. If I had to do it all over again, probably I would commit suicide by using a
tofu to bang on my head. 

After NS I joined a shipping company by chance. I remembered when I went for the interview, I don't even know what was my job scope is. No idea what is shipping all about back then.
The most memorable that I work was my 2nd company where I was sent to Phnom Penh/Sihanoukville (Cambodia), Sibu (East Malaysai), Hadyai (Thailand), Medan (Indonesia), Zhengjiang(China) & Hong Kong. Currently working in my 3rd shipping company.
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