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Ah music, self expression in it's finest and most cyriptic.  To share your deepest thoughts in a way that nobody can understand them.  Well at least it causes people to think on occasion.  I will be putting whatever songs I please in here, that I created of course, so just don't bash me ok?
A Couple of My Songs
I don't mean to upset you
it just comes naturly to me
all I've ever done is love you
but I guess it's not meant to be
I've never been able to read you
and I hope that I never can
you're just that kind of woman
I just wish I was your kind of man

They say that love conquers all
what about bad timing?
What about the friendship at hand?
they say love conquers all
and my heartrate's a climbing
You're the one thing I can't understand
they say love conquers all

When I look in your eyes
I wonder whatta you see
a lover or a friend
and in the faint cries
just escaping me
I murmur, "When will it end?

They say that love conquers all
What about the loveless?
can it conquer them?
they say love conquers all
but maybe I'm hopeless
but you my dear are a jem
can love conquer all?

I look up at you
you're looking at me
from somewhere above
and then right on cue
you let me see
the victor indeed is love
They Say that Love Conquers All
Counting Crows
ashboard Confessional
Keb Mo
Matchbox 20
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Goo Goo Dolls
The streets are paved with bodies
that the booze can't wash away
And in a crowded room of people
I feel alone, I've gone astray
Through the haze I see a picture
of the man who's lost his life
No one saw it coming
father, daughter, son, or wife

The room spins round faster
their laughter becomes a howl
no echos on the alabaster
of the crime most foul

This man may have been unknowing
but  never was he unfeeling
Yet their laughter still is growing
while his blood is still congealing

The darkened room becomes a blur
What has happened to my world?
My cries become a drunken slur
Man's ignorance unfurled
Solitary Mourning
Mutilation of the Eye
You think that you know
that there's a way you care
that there can be no other
If one things true, nothing else is there
You cas after only
what you'll never get
and engage in things solely
that you shall regret

What are you afraid of
loving what your family wanted?
being loved completely?
Is your closet haunted?

You see in front of you
the one who loves you like no other
the one who treats you kindly
and you see him like a brother
He's just the kind of man you want to marry
but the thought of finding the one  this early
apparently that
is far too scary...
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