This is an exposition of Nick Gabrichidze most prominent paintings including famous "Chess revolution". Most works are completed at 1995-2005 but there are few early pieces as well, with Chechnya war inspired "Tribute to the hippie"  being most interesting.
   This is a collection of public art projects, created by Nick Gabrichidze in the past 11 years. This murals are created at the different locations in Amsterdam: you can find them in the theatres, restaurants, community centres and even so-called "coffee shops", as  Dutch call the venues who are
The styles and themes vary depending on the period when work was created because Nick experimented with variety of styles from art deco to pop art through his creative journey. Please click either on the image above or at the link  below to enter the display.
allowed to sell marijuana or hashish.. Most artworks  are set as a fresco’s, using the building as a canvas. Unfortunately some murals have been damaged or even destroyed during the renovation projects. But most are still available at the historic parts of Amsterdam giving the city even more exotic touch.Please click either on the image above or at the link  below to enter the display.
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                                                                            Welcome to the collection of Nick Gabrichidze's art
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                                                                                                    Twenty best artwork

Here is an album with a twenty best artwork made by Nick Gabrichidze. Exhibition includes all kinds of art made by Nick Gabrichidze. The selection of best pieces is made by users at this site. Visitors can nominate any artwork they  for a top 20 at the forum thread. Once in a three month a poll is held and the top twenty artwork are voted into the Best of Best selection. Until now there were only paintings, murals and public arts projects but we hope to have a body art and design sections here soon, so paintings and murals can have some “cut throat” competition.
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