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If you're completely new to the band, the first question you're undoubtedly gonna ask is "what does KMFDM stand for?". The answer is Kein Mehreit Fur Die Mitleid, german words which loosely translate to 'no pity for the majority'.

KMFDM has made some of the most inventive music of the last couple decades. They helped bring the sound of industrial-rock from the underground to the masses,and allthough they've made quite a name for themselves they're still a relatively obscure name among the rock circuit. The band was founded in 1984 by Sascha Konietzko and Udo Storm and later saw the inclusion of Raymond Watts (who later left to form his own band <PIG>)  and En Esch. In 1988 the band signed to Waxtrax! records, a thriving chicago-based industrial music label. KMFDM's first couple releases featured more of a stripped down, minimalist approach and it wasn't until 1990's "Naive" that the band began to incorporate the guitars that most people associate the band with when they introduced guitarist Gunter Schulz. The band hit the road with Ministry, gaining attention in the states and proceeded to build their bandbase with the albums "Money" and "Angst", whos videos even got rotation on MTV (probably due to the fact that 'industrial' music was getting well known in '92-94).  Around this period of the band history Sascha also teamed up with Buzz McCoy (of Thrill Kill Kult) to record an album as Excessive Force. A dancier side-project which featured more guests then the usual KMFDM album.

In 1995 KMFDM re-teamed with former member Raymond Watts to record the most exposive record of their career, "Nihil". The album was much heavier then previous albums and Ray's vocals and the amazing energy behind the music makes the album a favorite among fans. The band also saw a club-hit with "Juke Joint Jezebel" which was featured on the soundtrack to Mortal Kombat. Two tours in the states followed. Meanwhile, Waxtrax! founder Jim Nash was dying of Aids. Sascha flew back home to Chicago to spend time with his friend. The passing of Nash marked the real end of Waxtrax! records leaving subsequent releases financing and publicity mostly up to TVT (who aqquired Waxtrax! is 1993). In 1996, KMFDM recorded their 8th album 'Xtort' in Chicago which featured many guests including poet Nicole Blackman, Ministry's Chris Connely and William Rieflin and Einsturzende Neaubuten's F.M. Einheit. KMFDM moved to Seattle to record their next album which features a graphical title in place of a real name. This album (called either 'symbols' or 'kmfdm' by fans) was a completely new sound for KMFDM. A lot more emphasis on the electronics and with much more focus on the guest-vocalists. Symbols introduced Tim Skold (more on him later) and featured guest member Raymond Watts and Skinny Puppy frontman Nivek Ogre. The band toured again for this album and it turned out to be their last outing for quite some time.

After fifteen years of KMFDM, Sascha Konietzko called a 'media blackout' on January 22nd 1999 and later publicized that the band was no more. At the same time Sascha announced the creation of his new band 'mdfmk' which featured Tim Skold and Drill's Lucia Cifalerri. 'Adios' was released on April 20th 99, an unfortunate day. TVT/Waxtrax! pushed the album back to this day which coincides with the Columbine shootings. KMFDM were partially blamed for these shooting because one of the killers had reportedly featured lyrical snippets from their songs on his website. Soon their were many accusations from the public, calling the band neo-nazis and condoning their music as violent. As anyone familiar with the band should know the lyrics are quite the contrary and the songs quoted on the website were obviousely taken the wrong way (for example "son of a gun" doesn't condone violence. its a rant about all the macho posturing you hear every day). Sascha issued a press release defending the band and after a couple weeks the fury died down and the hungry media went to feed on different targets.

En Esch and Gunter Schulz went on to form their own band
Slick Idiot who's album 'Dicknity' is currently available from their website. Sascha and Tim Skold signed their new band to Republic/Universal records which at the time seemed like a good PR plan since their one of the biggest record companies in the world. Promising many releases for years to come, MDFMK never reached the success they had hoped for and after one album and one tour many believed that the band might be done for. Meanwhile Sascha flew to Japan to record an album with his side-project Schwein which also consists of Raymond Watts and members of the Japanese band Buck Tick. After returning to the states he signed MDFMK off Republic/Universal .

In Feb of this year Sascha announced the return of KMFDM. Missing however are En Esch and Gunter Schulz who many agree were a really important part of the band. Sascha is currently in the studio recording with collaborations from Ray Watts, Tim Skold, Bill Rieflin and Nivek Ogre among others.
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