All scenarios hosted on this site must roughly meet the following conditions:

1. The Scenario is at least half completed. Basically, this means that the following conditions            need to be met:
      a) Most cities are placed on the map
      b) The rules file (the tech tree and unit names and stats) must be more or less completed
      c) Most unit, city and terrain graphics are done

2. The scenario must come with a brief readme that includes the following:
      a) A brief list of what remains to be done
      b) A full list of credits (eg the names of the people who created the units, the map, and any             other aspects of the scenario not made by yourself)
      c) A brief list of any resources (books, webpages, etc) that you have used to make the                   scenario

3. By submitting your scenario to this site you grant permission to others who wish to complete       this scenario to do so. In return, people who complete a scenario downloaded from this site         must credit the scenarios intial creator.

If you agree to these conditions, send your scenario to: [email protected] If you don't want the scenario to be identidied as your work, let me know and I'll leave your name off
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Please Note: Due to the limited space I have available on this site I cannot promise to host sound files. I'll try to host them, but if space becomes an issue, the sounds will be the first thing to go
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