Top 15 Things That Make Coach Knapp Special
Everything on this page is 100% true. The quotes are real and so is the rest.
1. Turns off the computer screen when a student approaches it.

2.  Drinks chocolate milk with one hand, and puts the other hand on his hip, making it look like he is a muscle man.

3.   Posted a "Running Club Mileage" chart on the wall.

4. Told everyone they have "22 Minutes" to finish their worksheet

5.   Look at the picture at the top of this page and you will see this bumper sticker on his door:

6.  Has 6 quotes highlighted on the "Road To Success" poster, including, "Anger is one letter short of Danger."

7. Wears the collar of dress shirts on the outside of his sweaters, jackets, etc.

8.  Threw a milk carton into a garbage can from 7 2/3 feet away. Now that takes skill.

9.   Quote: "1,2,3,5,6... okay, what did I do with number 4?"

10. He scotch-tapes the answer key to worksheets on kitchen cabinets

11. Quote: "Still have that 30-point buck?"

12. Quote: "Hahaha... just the way you said that."

13. Answers the telephone: "Hello, Coach Knapp"

14. Quote: "Football bleachers?"

15. Popular saying that Coach Knapp says: "Now

And Just For The Record:

16.  Teaches the class about how you can get sick by a virus, but then eats the Spicy Chicken Sandwich that he had sitting on top of his book since lunch which was 35 minutes ago.
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