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Rot is a greek metal band which was created during 1999.The current members of the band are 5:Payn,Buttons,Notter,Mathew and Said.Rot really started working with the electric,electronic,east and acoustic music during 2000.The band's first live gig was in Fortezza of Rethymno here in Greece where the crowd was amazing!After tha gig Rot did 2 more live appearances at Hyraklio and Hania.After that,in 2001,the band started working on their first promo CD.The production of the promo CD costed the band a lot of money cause it was recorded in 3 different studios.The recording period of the CD was very long,9 months!A new year comes...2002...During that year we have good and bad news.The band finally released their first promo CD "ROT" which has received many good reviews from magazines and webzines such as Metal Hammer GR and Heavy Metal Mania.Moreover the guys appeareared at UOC Radio 96.7FM and the promo CD was presented on "Silver Dollar" club of Sallonica,GR.After the appearance at OUC Radio 96.7FM in Crete GR the official Rot website featured the live show on it's web pages.Also Rot did some live appearances with the greek brutal deathcore band Homo Iratus at An Club and Synergio.The press and the fans reacted very good about these live gigs.After the gig at An club the official Rot website webmaster uploaded many live pics on the website and the Metal-Abyss webzine featured a review of the band's promo CD.Also the band did 2 more gigs at the University Of Rethymno and the party of Meltown TV at Agrinio.Rot made the video clip of the song Here Inside and that song was also featured in a complication which is called "Humanflies"(this complication features many greek metal bands).Great news for the band came when they signed with MBI Records for the release of their debut album!Furthermore the band recorded a cover song of Sevendust for a competition.Unfortuataly the song did not win the competition.Also the official mailing list of Rot launched on their official web site.During the summer of 2002 the band made many things.They did a home video,they were reviewd by Nemesis-Underground e-zine and the Bleeding Chaos webzine.Also during that time the Nick Dafos Rot Fansite was online.Sadly,bad news came.Rot faced serious problems cause the bassist Cyco left the band and the official web site was not online for 3 weeks.Hopefully these problems did not stop the band from their work and some good news came.The web site came back online witha new host company and the band has a new bassist named "Said".Also on September 2002 the wait was over for the band's debut album.The album was released on Monday 09-09-2002.The debut album is in multimedia format and features the Rot's home video!On September the band did even more things.The webzine "Temple Of Metal" interviewed and reviewed the band.Also Rot were reviewed by Metal Domination.Some good news came for the band when they announced that they will support the greek metal band Rotting Christ on the 26th of October.Also the official web site forum came back and ERA Chanion interviewed the guys.Furthermore the band's webmaster uploaded new pics at and the Heraklion University Radio interviewed the band.Rot announced a new gig for the band.They will play live on Thursday 24th of October 2002 at Xtreme.Also the band was interviewed by the greek radio station 91.1 FM.Rot were reviewed by onother 3 magazines too:EPIKAIRA , Ark Of Metal and Pop & Rock.Onother interview took place at MAD TV during the TV War session.In that session of TV War,the band's video clip "Here Inside" appeared for one more time.The fans that appeared at Xtreme and Rotting Christ Support live shows were really good and supported the guys very well.Especially,the live show at Agrinio was the best that the band has ever been. After that gig a new live show was announced by Rot.The guys will play live at Ydrogios supporting Biohazzard at 04-12-2002.During November,Rot played live at Bar Mytho(29-11-2002 , Chania , GR) and Bar Kixotis(06-12-2002 , Katerini, GR).Also new reviews and interviews saw the light at Metal Hammer,Hxos & Eikona and Pop & Rock.November ended with the new batch of the album out.All new CDs featured new cover and artwork.During December the band was reviewed-interviewed by AVextreme mag,Eleutheria newspaper,Gate Of Lions e-zine and Ark Of Metal.Also they were interviewed twice at Salonica where the went to support Biohazard.The interview made by Radio 105.5FM and Radio 90.4FM.Also the official website featured one live photo from the last live at Bar Mytho,Chania. The band was also featured in Metal Music and . A review of the live that took place at Agrinio(26-10-2002) was featured at Metal Eagle. On 7th of January 2003 the band's song and video clip "Here Inside" was voted No.13 best song of 2002 at the metal TV channel TV War! Also during January the band was preparing some new tour dates that would be announced soon. Rot were also reviewed by Pop & Rock and Blow Up magazines. On 09-02-2003 some more live pics were uploaded to the official web site of Rot from their live gig supproting Biohazzard . Also a review and an extended interview by Pop & Rock were added to the reviews section. Rot once again proved that their are an excellent band because the greatest new of their career came...The band was voted as "The Best Metal Hope For The Future" and "One Of The Best Greek Metal Bands" by the readers of Metal Hammer,GR. 2 more tour dates were announced ...One at Giannena and one as support for Deviser. at Heraklion... One more live date was announced for 30th of March at Patra...Also one more date was confirmed for the band......The band will play in Athens on Monday 10-03-2003 at Paranoid Hellinic Fest,a big festival that will feature over 30 metal bands!!! Sadly,some reviews that I read about the festival were not good.They said that very few people attended the festival and that Rot were bad.Payn didn't sing well and the whole band wasn't good. On 10-04-2003 the band was interviews by HXOS and Eternal Fields magazines. Also Rot were awarded for their efforts : their debut album was selected as the "3rd best album for 2002"! These were amazing news.Moreover the band announced more live gigs : They played on 19-04-2003 at Arts School of Athens as part of a peace festival with other band such as Nightstalker,Skindred and Sportex. Also on 24-05-2003 they played at TEI Heraklion with Deus X Machina and Invisible Surfers.On 07-05-2003 the official web site forum changed once again and it appearead even better than before!Also the band was reviewed for one more time by and the review was of course very good for one more time!The Rot guys played once again live at TEI Heraklion(Saturday 24-05-2003) with Deus X Machina,Gheto and Tribal West.That gig went very well and the band also recorded a radio spot for it that was played by many radio stations.Finally,the band's webmaster added new live pictures to the official web site of Rot that were taken from the gig at Gagarin(Athens,10-03-2003).During summer 2003 the band entered the studio Siera of Athens to record more material for their new second album.Some working titles were:"Unwined","Washes Me Out","Mirrored" that were also included in the live setlist.The band was putting their ideas together for a a release before the end of 2003.Also on 27-07-2003 the band headlined a big rock festival at Oropos with onother two supporting local bands.The festival was open air,close to the beach.Another thing worth to mention about this festival is the entrace which was absolutely FREE.At 08-09-2003 the band finished recording their new album.It went though the mixing phase and the final touches to the songs were being made.There was a chance for any music magazine to have a studio report with the band during September.Also a new live dare has been confirmed.The band will play at 18-09-2003 at T.E.I. Larisa as headliners.The whole event was supported by a number of supporting local bands.On 1-1-2003 a new review was ready,from the greek magazine "The Dog".On November 2003 the new album was in the final stages of mixing at Siera studios in Athens.It would be released sometime before Christmas.Rock and Roll News posted news about the new album and metal hammer GR made a Rot studio report.2 new studio reports were made by Rock-On Magazine GR and an exclusive album hearing was done by Metal Eagle Webzine.On 13-12-2003 the album was previewed at The Dog & Thrumpet,Coventry,UK.The release party for the new album was done ast 14-12-2003 at Underground clubsssss.People were able to listen the new album and get some new t-shirts of the band!On 02-02-2004 all the sections of the official Rot web site( were updated and some samples of the new album were ready for download!Also the web fans could download the making of provocative album video and the lyrics of the new album.8 new reviews were posted by Rock ON,Metal Eagle,The Temple Of Metal, and concerning the new album Provocative and also 3 reviews of the debut album by some newspapers and magazines(Athinorama,Makedonia,Echo & Arts).The band was voted as one of the best bands for 2003 at Metal Hammer Best of 2003 and Avopolis Top-20 greek albums for 2003!.Also a new interview was dne for Mad TV,TV War and 4 new provocativ reviews were done by Metal Zone,Free MNusic,RockPages and AVmentor.Also Provocativ climbed up at No.2 at the Meltdown Radio Top 10!Metal Hammer GR did a new review and a new interview and MUSIClife also wrote a new review of Provocativ!The band decided to go on some more heavy and intense touring to promote the new album so 3 new dates were announced at Club Pal,Giannena,GR(support:V.I.C. Royal,Pull the trigger and headbangers) , University,Agrinio ,GR(support:V.I.C. Royal,Karma Coma,The Potsons,Sun Bledgers) and at Club Synergio(a place that they have visited before) at Patra,GR witht the usual support band V.I.C. Royal plus Dask and Repenntant Angel! Here comes June 2004 and the video of the interview that the band gave at MAD TV (TV WAR) was posted online at the official web site of Rot.You can find the video of the interview here .Also after 2 months of silence the guys of the band announced that they will play one more live gig at An Club at 02-07-2004!To remind you the history of the band they played there once again in the past during 2002 and their gig there was absolutely one of their best gigs ever.The previews gig at An Club was for the debut album but the new gig is going to promote their latest album "Provocativ".The fans could be prepared for a great gig!The support bands for that gig are going to be Lock and OverRide.The band revisited An Club once again for their 3rd time in their history at 02-07-2004 once again with the support bands Lock and OverRide!Rot seems to be in full throtle for the tour once they announced one more gig that will be done on Plateia Eleftherias(Ko) on 14-07-2004!Happy touring!It is not only Rot that have became such a succesful band but also Nick Dachris that won the second place at the Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards with the cover of the 2nd album of Rot pRovOcaTive.Also on 08-07-2004 one more review was published by Metal Legacy as well as two new interview by Metal Legacy and Magazine.Also the webzine Metal Invader published one new interview of the band.


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