Nitwit Newsletter
O.K Everybody!  This is my website where me and my buddy are putting stupid topics that make you have to thionk a little.  Wen you read the vey first on, you might think it is kind of stupid.  So look, i created this website so me and my friend could make a couple people laugh.  These articles are just meant to be stupid-funny stuff.  If you do not laugh, then this is not the website for you.  Oh yeah and you have no sense of humor.  So anyway, more stuff will be coming to this site soon.  Just so ya know!

Nitwit Newsletter
     Dave and Josh

Is it just us or is "Lord Of The Rings" and "The Ring" attached somehow?  Because Saramon never sleeps and either does the girl.  Right?  I thought so!

More articles will come soon so don't get your dipies in a bundle!
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