Tour Dates

09/15/99 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

09/16/99 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

09/17/99 Charlotte, NC

09/19/99 Washington, DC

09/21/99 Boston, MA

09/24/99 East Rutherford, NJ

09/26/99 Uniondale, NY

09/29/99 Philadelphia, PA

10/04/99 Columbus, OH

10/05/99 Chicago, IL

10/06/99 Chicago, IL

10/09/99 Minneapolis, MN

10/12/99 Phoenix, AZ

10/14/99 Anahein, CA

10/16/99 Las Vegas, NV

10/17/99 Las Vegas, NV

10/19/99 Los Angeles, CA

10/21/99 San Jose, CA

10/25/99 Portland, OR

10/26/99 Tacoma, WA

10/29/99 Salt Lake City, UT

10/31/99 Denver, CO

11/02/99 Iowa City, IA

11/03/99 Madison, WI

11/04/99 Milwaukee, WI

11/06/99 Detroit, MI

11/10/99 Montreal, QC

11/11/99 Toronoto, ONT

11/12/99 Ottowa, ONT

11/14/99 Buffalo, NY

11/15/99 Cincinnati, OH

11/17/99 St. Louis, MO

11/18/99 Kansas City, MO

11/20/99 New Orleans, LA

11/21/99 Memphis, TN

11/23/99 Birmingham, AL

11/26/99 Lexington, KY

11/28/99 Knoxille, TN

11/29/99 Nashville, TN

12/01/99 Orlando, FL

12/02/99 Tampa, FL


I went to that concert! It was awsome and the guys looked great!

When the BSB were un Toronto Nick, A.J., and Howie had the flu, but they still performed. Near the end of the concert Nick lost his voice. Now that shows you how dedicated they are to their fans and their work.

These two tour dates were resceduled due to hurricane Floyd. The tickets for August 15 and 16 will be honored.

12/05/99 Fort Lauderdale, FL

12/06/99 Fort Lauderdale, FL

Here are the boys American tour dates. Hope that everyone got tickets and if you didn't, better luck next year.

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